Why Is It Important To Install Waterproofing System in Newly Built House

Why Is It Important To Install Waterproofing System in Newly Built House

Installing waterproofing systems in your newly built house is extremely important because it helps in preventing water damage which if caused might lead to additional expenses and costly repairs. Leaky basements cause additional problems therefore, taking measures to protect your interior from flooding is very important because water is the prominent cause of structural damages.

Also, you must acquire some basic knowledge about waterproofing systems ; its method and products required to do so. Knowing the basics about this process will help you select the suitable waterproofing company. There are three methods of how waterproofing can be done:

Internal waterproofing :

  • Cracks usually develop in concrete foundations which forms a way for water to enter. To seal such cracks sealants are used because they are capable of withholding water even when exposed to high levels of humidity.

External Waterproofing :

  • In an external waterproofing method an excavation is created all around the house and near the base, then a waterproof coating is used in order to seal the walls and make them watertight.

Installing drainage systems :

  • Having a proper drainage system saves your house from water damages. Interior drainage system drains below the ground water whereas the exterior drainage system collects all the rainwater and prevents it from entering your house.

Waterproofing systems are especially ideal during the rainy season. They protect your house from any structural damage which could be caused due to water penetration.

Below are some benefits of waterproofing systems :

Extended lifespan of building structure:

  • By installing waterproofing systems in your house, the base and structure of the concrete gets stronger and lasts long. They prevent the possibilities of water entering through the ceiling or wall thereby extending the lifespan of the building structure.
  • Waterproofing systems prevent all kinds of water intrusion. Since the water cannot enter you home then obviously your home will remain protected and hold onto its beauty.

Cut the maintenance cost :

  • Installation of waterproofing systems in your house cuts down the maintenance cost. Concrete waterproofing is a great  and one time investment which saves you from additional expenses and costly repairs.
  • Obviously waterproofing will prevent possible damage due to water which will eventually eliminate the problems that could develop in your house. This way the maintenance cost will get cut down and you won’t have to incur any additional expenditure.

Increase the value of your property :

  • These days people prefer homes which have proper waterproofing systems installed because that way the house remains protected and preserved from any such structural damages.
  • It increases the value of your property and enhances the look of it. A properly planned and waterproofed house is what people look for in a property.

No health issues :

  • Due to excessive moisture the walls and the ceilings tend to develop fungus which may cause dangerous health issues like asthma, allergies and affects your immune system.
  • Having waterproofing systems installed keeps these health issues away and keeps your house safe and secure.

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