What to Do If You Suspect You Have a Slab Leak

Slab Leak

Slab leaks can cause when water pipes that are embedded in the concrete foundation of your home start to leak. Certain leaks can occur in places where they are difficult to find, most homeowners might not become aware of an issue with a leaky pipe until it has been there for a while. Water might leak into the ground and the house’s foundation because of the damaged pipe. The leak can harm the concrete and degrade the soil nearby in addition to squandering water. It may eventually cause the foundation to sag and move, damaging the house’s floors and walls in the process. In extreme situations, it may even result in the house collapsing. There are four main issues that might lead to a leaky slab :

  • Concrete and pipelines may corrode due to soil pollutants. Hot water pipes are particularly susceptible to this issue since they corrode under the impact of chemicals and heat.
  • Pipes vibrate, which over time causes breakdown and damage
  • Issues with pressure brought on by poor installation or changing ground.
  • A builder or contractor using improper construction methods.


Slab leak symptoms are frequently concealed and, even when discovered, may not be correctly identified. Slab leaks may wreak a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so it’s always a good idea to investigate the signs that they are there. Many problems may arise out of a slab leak. They consist of:

1. The hissing sound of running water

When you hear the sound of flowing water beneath the floor shut off all the water connections and check if the sound continues, this indicates that you have a leak. Water leaking from the pipe through a little fracture or hole is the cause of this sound.

2. A warm floor

A slab leak may be present if you notice a hot patch on your floor that is unrelated to any appliances or other sources of heat. This could occur if one of the hot water lines is dripping water.

3. Mud Spouts

Puddles of water may be an indication of a leak if you notice them around your house, particularly in the same location. These puddles are often caused by water that pools on the surface after seeping up through concrete fractures. Puddles can also be found inside, usually in the kitchen or bathroom.

4. Mold

A slab leak can be to blame if you see mould or mildew in your house. This can result in water seeping up through gaps and creating puddles on the surface, which are ideal environments for mould and mildew to grow.

5. Very Heavy Water Usage

Another indication that you could have a slab leak is if your water meter continues to run even after all of the faucets in your house are off. Water is leaking from the pipes and passing past the meter, which is why this occurs. Your water bill can be affected by a leak if it increases suddenly and for no apparent reason. If you see an increase in your water use, you should act right once to fix any leaks that may be causing hundreds of gallons of water each day in waste.

6. Ripples

Another indication that you may have a slab leak is the presence of cracks in your slab foundation, walls, or flooring. As pipes leak, the soil beneath the slab may become weakened, which can lead to this.

What to do if you have a Slab leak :

It is essential to locate a recognised, professional organisation with experience in slab leak detection and repair in Costa Mesa as soon as you believe that you have a slab leak. They have well-trained professionals to advise you on the best course of action for your house. As Professional Company has been in operation for some time, our specialists are well-versed in all facets of plumbing. We identify leaks swiftly and precisely using cutting-edge technology, no foundation-breaking is necessary for this and will provide you with a free repair estimate.

Professional Company can identify your leak in a few hours using contemporary non-invasive slab leak-detecting techniques. In the long run, this will save you precious time and hard-earned money. Acoustic systems and ground mics are two pieces of sonic equipment that may pick up vibrations caused by water seeping quickly. We also offer video pipe inspection technology and acoustic locating devices for finding nonmetal pipelines.

Slab leak repairs in Costa Mesa are done in three ways by expert plumbers from Professional Company. The location and extent of the leak, the condition of the pipe, and the general health of your plumbing system will all affect which choice is ideal for your house.

1. Repair

The leak should be fixed as a first step. This can be done by excavating the area around the leak and repairing or replacing the damaged pipe. This is often just a choice for tiny, simple-to-access breaches. Leaks in pipes can also be fixed with epoxy pipe lining. To stop the leak without exposing the foundation, epoxy is put within the pipe.

2. Reroute the pipe

The second option is to reroute the leaking line. If the leak is in an old or flimsy pipe, this is typically a possibility. As a result, if you fix the pipe, you risk making other parts of the same line leak more. Thus, you should redirect the pipe and shut it off at the closest manifold. These pipelines are frequently rerouted above ground.

3. Repipe the house

You might need to repipe your entire house if your plumbing is ancient and in poor condition. Whilst this is a substantial task, it will guarantee that your property has brand-new, code-compliant pipes throughout. Future leakage danger will also be minimized.

Our team of experts, who are fully licenced and insured, is committed to providing great service to our clients, whether we’re unclogging a blocked sink or repairing a sewage line that runs beneath the foundation of your home.

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