What is the Significance of Resting Ganesha Idol?

What is the Significance of Resting Ganesha Idol?

Happiness is not just a fleeting emotion that we feel for a few moments. Happiness is one of the most important aspects of our life. For people the meaning and significance of happiness may differ but everyone agrees at one point that all of us are at peace when we bow our head down before God of Happiness and prosperity and feel the happiness resonate within us.

Lord Ganesha is the God of Happiness and joy. He is known for his jolly nature and bubbly personality. Our lovely God of joy is not just a Happy-go-lucky god but his wisdom and knowledge is something all of us aspire to achieve. Lord Ganesha is an ideal god when it comes to be composed and calm in the face of adversity.

Lord Ganesha is the youngest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He has an elder brother named Kartikey who is a fierce warrior. Lord Kartikey is said to be the Greatest warrior out of all gods and hence he has the title of God of War. He is also the supreme commander in chief of God’s army. He is said to have a serious personality.

Lord Ganesha is polar opposite as compared to his elder brother Lord Kartikey. Lord Ganesha is the embodiment of tranquillity and glee. Lord Ganesha is seen in many places starting from temple to homes. Lord Ganesha is sculpted in many forms and each stance has a significance of its own.

 In this article we will talk about the significance of Resting Ganesha brass idols along with its story and benefits that it brings to the people who place him in a correct place respectfully.

Significance of Resting Ganesha Brass Idol


In the hindu household, it is a common sight to see that brass is used to make many things. We are talking about plates, bowls, spoons Etc to Gods and even their ornaments.

Brass is considered sacred in hinduism. In the Holy Hindu Scriptures, it is written that the Brass is able to hold the Positive vibrations in the atmosphere along with the fact that they look really good. A good quality Brass Material looks pretty and shiny only with little maintenance. When the idols are made of brass then they have this incredible ability to absorb the positive energy and hold it for a long time.

The Brass idol of Resting Ganesha signifies the refined elements of life. The resting ganesha is seen relaxing in his royal throne with a cylindrical pillow on his side. He is seen to be resting and relaxing comfortably. This Idol is a great source of positive and calm energy. A resting Ganesha Brass statue is a symbol of royalty and sophistication. His stance of ultimate serenity is the sign that Lord Ganesha is completely calm and composed all the time even in the face of challenges.

In this picture of Lord Ganesha, he is resting with his four hands where each of his hands is holding an object with great significance. So each of his arms has a meaning of its own. In Hinduism, the gods are shown with four arms to represent their superpowers and skills.

The four hands of Lord Ganesha consist of holding a lotus, hatchet, Modak or sweets and his fourth hand is in abhaya Mudra. The lotus in his hand signifies enlightenment. As the Lotus flower grows in the pond of dirt and mud yet it does not affect its beauty. In the same way, we are surrounded by the mud of ignorance but with the help of Lord Ganesha. We can grow out of the muddy pond of ignorance and grow into a liberated pink lotus. His other hand is seen with a hatchet which is his weapon of choice. The hatchet is the symbol of past karma. When one prays to Lord Ganesha then he takes responsibility to get rid of our sins accumulated due to our past deeds. When we attain higher spirituality then all our sins are cut off with the Hatchet of god.

His lower hands are in Varada mudra and Abhaya Mudra respectively. The Varada mudra is known to be the mudra of granting boon, mercy and salvation while the Abhaya mudra is known to be a message to his devotee that they should not be afraid of anything as their protector is there to shield them from danger. This stance also represents that the devotee or people should not be scared of any challenges that life throws at them with fearlessness.

Benefits of having a Resting Ganesha brass idol

Lord Ganesha is the god of joy and success. He is a god with a calm and happy personality but his carefree personality doesn’t mean that he lacks the ability to make serious decisions in times of adversity. We all need the ability to remain calm and composed in hard times and not just that but all the other abilities of Ganesha that will help us to become a better person in life. Like these there are many benefits that we can get from having a brass idol of Resting Ganesha. We will talk about them down below: –

  • Prosperity – Lord Ganesha is also the god of prosperity. When one prays to Lord Ganesha with a pure heart. He blesses the devotees with one of the most important things in our life that is prosperity.
  • Riches – In order to become the best version of yourself we require resource which is money. Without resources even the heaven had lost its shine and glow. So to get the riches in your life it is believed that by having a Ganesha murti, you can attract the riches to your way.
  • No hurdles – Lord Ganesha’s another popular name is Vighnaharta. He is known to destroy all the obstacles that are holding us from achieving our goals.
  • Higher frequency – Lord Ganesha is the powerhouse of all kinds of positive energy you need in your life. Having a brass idol of resting ganesha in your home helps to increase the frequency of our home which results in a happier and joyful atmosphere.


We have talked about the significance of Reclining Ganesha and the benefits of having one at your place. Hope you were able to find all the things that you needed from this blog. Thank you for reading.

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