What Are The Methods For Repairing A Leak Under The Slab?


Slab leaks are quite common and ordinary in the areas where you build the houses, where the soils are very shaky and unstable. However, there are many reasons for causing slab leaks. It includes local water’s changed chemistry causing wearing out of the pipe structure, unsuitable installation of pipes, corrosion, etc.

Have you noticed the constant odor, damaged or wet floors, reduced pressure in the water flow, or exponential growth in your water bills? If yes, then here are the signs that are alarming you of a slab leakage in your pipe system. However, we know that slab leakage is a noticeably big problem. And you need to resolve this problem immediately as delay can prove to be overly expensive sometimes and sometimes not affordable to everyone. And thus, it is necessary to examine the situation of Slab Leaks by professionals and take prompt action.Looking for slab leak repair services in San Marcos? avail slab leak repair services from experts in San Marcos.

How To Repair Leaks Under The Slab?

Here are different methods, which will help you in understanding how one can repair a leak under the slab. There are necessarily different ways that are commonly used across the country to fix a slab leakage, and it depends upon the type of your house. You can either:

I. Repair

II. Re-route

III. Re-pipe

Let’s go through these methods to understand the different procedures to repair a slab leakage. Also, it helps you in selecting the best option.



Just as the name suggests, there’s a tunnel outside your house. It reaches the piping system of your home. Generally, the team digs up to roughly a 3×3-foot square tunnel beneath your house. The experts come up with the plan to make the tunnel as small as possible, which reaches the desired place making things easy and affordable for both you and them. There will be many obstacles, such as a tree or decks or HVAC units, but in the end, the ultimate goal is to create the tiniest and effective path to the problem. The team usually takes a day to dig up 6-9 feet per day.

There are many pros of this method like;

1.      Most Likely to be the least expensive method for repair of slab leakage.

2.      The owner can stay inside the house as professionals do the procedure outside of their property.

3.      The litter is outside of the home, which is extremely helpful in cleaning after the repair is done.

4.      Filling in the tunnel can be tricky but extremely easy as well.


Professionals usually use this method to repair sewage pipes without causing any further damage to them. Just as the name trenchless suggests, there is no use of trenches in this process. In this method, when there is an inspection of the old sewage pipelines, a proper liner is suspended into the old pipe. After some time, the material used in the liner hardens and thus turns a whole new pipe into the old one. Thereby they fix all the pre-existing problems in it. Modern technologies have now made the usage of live cameras during this process. However, this helps the team to ensure that the repair is done perfectly.

The pros of this method are:

1.      Less to no damage to the rest of your yard

2.      Requires less amount of money.

3.      High-quality repairs with fewer interruptions

Ø   Breaking Through The Slab/ Jack Hammering Through The Slab

In this method, once the team locates the problem, it breaks the slab through jackhammering tools. On reaching the pipe, they focus on solving the issue. However, professionals use this method quite rarely now. In this method, they have to re-do flooring at times if needed. And sometimes, new issues may crop up later; hence, this method aids temporary solutions.

Following are the pros of this method:

1.      Saves a lot of time.

2.      Perfect for temporary solutions



Re-piping a whole house can take at least 3-6 days as it requires a lot of work. But it is usually much easier than other processes. Even though the damage is said to be kept to a minimum, there will be many cuts and holes made inside your house. But do not worry, the workers will fill up everything possible. This method of repairing the slab leakage is one of the most hassle-free methods, which guarantees no more damage for at least one next decade.

The pros of this method are as follow:

1.      Allowing to use water at high pressure and at the same time in multiple places.

2.      Saves you from the problem temporarily.

3.      Saves you a lot of time.


Ø  Re-routing method

In this method, the team makes a whole new piping system generally in the opposite direction than the pre-existing ones. It is then disabled, which prevents all the problems that were present in the old piping system. The only and main disadvantage of this method is that it can be a bit time-consuming. It makes it hard to live while the repair is going on.

Pros of this method are as under:

1.      It prevents future potential leaks and problems.

2.      The best option for one-storey households

3.      Expensive but can save many future problems easily.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the best choice for your houses.

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