What are the Industries Sectors that rely on adhesives? The short answer is almost all of them

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Although you could probably guess that, Affordable Housing Developer it’s interesting to see how adhesives are used in different industries. Below are some less obvious uses of adhesives that we see all around us.

Ground transport –

ARALDITE Epoxy Adhesives are used in rail and vehicle industries to bond multiple parts, such as the electric motors that drive mirrors, windows, brakes systems, and other devices. These adhesives are used to gasket internal combustion engines, seal hydraulic lines, coat electrical connections, attach accessories and trims, among other things.


The adhesive industry is similar to the ground transportation industry, with applications in Boeing, NASA, and the Piper Cub. Adhesives can be used to reduce the weight of finished parts by replacing mechanical fasteners, or as an alternative to welding.

Medical –

The manufacture of medical devices is made easier by adhesives. A surgical tool can be assembled without the use of a single bolt or screw. For devices that come in contact with blood or other fluids, adhesives are used to bond them.

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Electronic –

If you take a closer look at your PDA or cell phone, you will likely find no screws. This is the first indication of adhesives being used in electronics manufacturing. Adhesives are used in electronic devices of any type as coatings for wiring. They also offer low-temperature alternatives to traditional soldering. Most people don’t know that CDs and DVDs are made by layering plastics with other materials, and then securing them using adhesives.


To prevent leakage in the piping systems that transport gas, oil, and water to homes or factories, adhesives are used. Modern chemistry offers a better alternative to traditional sealing methods such as wax, clay, or tape. Special formulations are available for the repair of certain gas lines, and flexible, water-repellent varieties for sealing electrical connections.


The strength and versatility that adhesives offer to bond, coat and seal materials is a key feature of military defense systems around the world. The features of structural adhesive chemical chemistry are beneficial to guns, goggles and radio equipment as well as helmets, gas masks, helmets and even bullets. Many industrial adhesives can be used to replace welding or allow the joining of dissimilar materials in precision equipment. For a complete list of Mil-spec products, contact the manufacturer.

Your Industry?

Our research has shown that adhesives are used in some way by most industries. Their increased use is a result of a worldwide drive to reduce costs and improve quality. Adhesives can reduce the weight of finished goods, which in turn will affect the shipping costs for the goods. They can be used to improve production and reduce waste.

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