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So there’s a wedding in your town or the nearby locality or maybe in your house, it may be your own, your daughter’s, sisters, anybody’s wedding with them brings lots of pressure and fun too. And one such amazing things to do at a wedding is to buy wedding presents whether you are a bride or you are a family member or a friend who’s planning on giving this gift to the bride and the groom today’s list one has everything in your budget because every gift of a hair is planned according to the budget and the best part is that this gift and traditional like toasters or cookers. And suppose if you are not able to attend a wedding then you must send your gift along with flower delivery in Mumbai with a good top note. And many people do cash instead of giving a gift but you must think that when a gift is supposed to be taken to occasion cash should not be taken, the gift should be valuable and it can be used. Without delay let’s look at the gifts that we can give as a wedding gift.

1) Themed wedding gift

Nowadays, in the modern era, people don’t need toasters and all the stuff that was about the kitchen. People are more aware of what they want for their wedding? They are already sure that where they are going to get married, maybe this is their second marriage so for people who are already so thoughtful you have to select a proper gift. Now if it is a themed wedding then one of the best gifts would be something that suits the theme. For example, if it is a travel wedding you could give them suitcases. Of course, this could be customized according to their likes and dislikes. You can add flower bouquet delivery to their hotel room, mini passport holders saying – Mr. and Mrs., Tote bags and of course this again depends on what your budget is.

2) Piece of Art

We all love some kind of artwork in our house and it would be amazing to give the bride and the groom a piece of art for the new beginning. So now various websites that can transform this maybe let’s say you bought a wooden frame poster with a quote so you can also ask them to add the wedding date and the bride and the girl’s names along with it to make it a complete gift. You can order a bouquet online with the artwork. It could be any quote on the board or you can even do a picture and say “happily married “.

3) World Connecting Map DIY

So we are at another amazing gift for bride and groom are from different continents then or maybe even countries then you can get a whiteboard and paste a good quality world map on it you can get a printed on gloss sheets and then draw a connecting line to the places where the two belong plus stick a glitter small heart shape and your gift is on the go. And of course, you can do their names and wedding date too. And suppose if you are not attending the wedding then you can sendflower bouquet online delivery in Bangalore along with gifts.

4) Cutting Boards

Did you know that we can make something new out of everything called that is available to us and this gift says the same thing? So how to make this gift all you need is to contact a retailer or an artist who knows how to carve things on wood and you can probably get a cutting board and ask them to carve it with the wedding date, family initials, name of the bride and the groom. According to me, this is the cheapest and the most convenient gift you can ever buy. Suppose if the couple is getting married once again on their anniversary then you can give them an anniversary bouquet too.

5) Customized cufflinks

We all love a version of ourselves that we buy. And one such gift is personalized or custom made cufflinks. So you can contact a local personalized shop that will help you in getting these cufflinks. You can add some beautiful and freshly cut anniversary roses along with the gift. And the best part is that these people do cufflinks with images quotes or anything that you want to add in them.

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