Trailer of new Game CHIKARA

Trailer of new Game CHIKARA

The NEW Action Arcade game combines everything you enjoy from the 1990s with the theater skills that have only been discovered in CHIKARA’s independent growth. Be component of the “CHIKARMY” and go through the cords of this quick and arcaded fun to superkick the wrestling matches from the arena! Choose from a roll of 30 + genuine wrestlers of CHIKARA death penalty In the most exceptional wrestling match ever planned, and impossible abilities. However, sports-centered video games are usually an extra rare thing in the past century. Take Two’s WWE 2 K franchise takes the upper eye, but some new blood comes into the fighting. Chikara: The Wrestling Action Arcade has been declared by its developer VICO Game Studio this morning and receives a elaborate advertising trailer to celebrate this occasion.

The Chikara wrestling promotion has been in existence for almost 20 years, based in Philadelphia. The company was originally a wrestling school and held events to showcase its learners. The promotion has a colourful range of personalities and familiar atmosphere. Many of Chikara’s most important names have been on show over the years and Gargano, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zyn, The Young bucks as well as Adam Cole have also been on show. The Reveal trailer ensures a whole lot of sport that aims at putting all your live shows into a cyber type in an extraordinarily fresh arcade style game that can head to a laptop. The overly simple controls and fast action fans can enjoy classical wrestler games. This sport offers an art style which gives each grappler an animated superhero appearance and involves many present super-stars of Chikara, such as Razerhawk, Fire Ant, Hallowicked and Solo Darling. As many as 30 stars will play the part of the game at the start.

There are a number of sports choices and grappler customization in the reveal trailer. There will be numerous types of clothing and masks, all of which have custom colors as well as moving sets. Up to 10 wrestler support is also shown as a flaming table at a moment. It is safe to believe that classic guns like chairs and loops can make a look.

The game was created by an independent developer and is based on the code that is unloaded for the Xbox Live Indie Games program Xbox 360 in 2 distinct iterations of Action Arcade Wrestling. CHIKARA: Green lit on steam is also Action Arcade wrestling.

This version is commissioned by CHIKARA, an independent wrestler, and operates under four Unreal Engines. The sport takes place at “very early phases of growth.”


  • Fun, fast arcade-style 2.5D action
  • Cel-shaded look
  • Detailed arena and wrestler edit mode
  • A straightforward 2-action-button management scheme, ideal for gamepad or keyboard
  • Hundreds of distinctive animations
  • Many different match varieties, as well as trios’ bouts
  • Realistic textile and twine physics
  • Diverse weapons choice
  • the zany and colorful solid of characters from world cult phenomenon, CHIKARA!”

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