Top Honeymoon Places Of Pakistan To Visit In 2020


A wedding is an essential part of your life because it gets you closer to your soul mate and spends your whole life together. A memorable wedding ends with pre-planned preparation, including the decorations, wedding location, etc.

After getting free from your wedding, the only thing that you may confuse about is to select the location for your honeymoon. 

But the confusion will not long last with a new wedding couple in their life because there are various honeymoon places that you can visit through the best app in Pakistan.

The traveling app provides all the accommodation, transportation, and other necessary facilities of honeymoon packages for you with just a one-click trip booking.

The advantage of taking services from a traveling app in Pakistan allows you to comfortably spend the quality time with your wife without worrying about anything.

It’s the time that adds more essence in your honeymoon time. So, it’s worth it to spend some money on these services.

However, there is a list of beautiful and honeymoon ideal places for both locals of Pakistan and international wedding couples to visit in 2020. So, without any further ado, let’s start talking about these places in the below section.

List of Top Honeymoon Places of Pakistan


Rawalkot is a beautiful city that is located in the Azad Jammu Kashmir. It takes 3 hours of continuous drive from Islamabad to reach this beautiful honeymoon spot in Pakistan. 

The temperature of this area is entirely moderated, with beautiful lush green mountains “Toolipeer,” and beautiful lakes banjosa that exist near to it.

The primary reason for calling this a top honeymoon place is its green mountains and lake, which provides essence in the honeymoon traveling the journey of the newly-wed couple.

Hunza, Gilgit:

Hunza is the second ideal place for honeymoon travelers in 2020. There are almost ten different other places that you can also cover with your soul mate near to Hunza.

Those places are well-known as Atta bad Lake, Eagle nest, Baltit fort, Karim Abad, Altit fort, Rakaposhi, Gojal, Passu, and many more.

Each of the places mentioned above provides different experiences to honeymoon travelers. You can plan a full honeymoon for a week or two in this place to spend quality time with your wife and experience the villages, forts, and lakes.

Each new place in this area adds more mesmerizing moments in your honeymoon traveling. It’s better to look upon a booking app in Pakistan because they are much more reliable for planning your honeymoon trip in a better way.

Naran Kaghan Valley:

It’s considered to be the most visited place by Pakistani and international wedding couple for honeymoons. Because there are many more beautiful places that you can cover throughout the time period.

Those beautiful places that provide much attraction for your honeymoon trip to Naran kaghan valley include Babusar, Lulusar, Siri Paye, and Shogran.

Each of the places mentioned above provides different experiences to the newly-wed couples. So, adding this place in your honeymoon traveling list place in Pakistan is the best choice.


Chitral is a beautiful area of Pakistan that provides you diverse landscapes and cultural experiences of your life. Although, couples usually don’t add this place in their honeymoon list due to the hardness of traveling.

The thing that everyone should keep in mind is that the hardest roads provide you the best memorable traveling experience of your life. 

If you are the kind of person that can easily cover hard road distances, then Chitral must need to be your top priority for honeymoon places of Pakistan to visit in 2020.

Murree Gilyat:

If you are a type of couple who wants to visit a honeymoon place that provides you with tons of tourist population, shopping opportunities, and a variety of restaurants, then Murree gilyat would be the best place for you.

The winters tend to be more snowy and colder, so there is no chance of enjoyment for honeymoon travelers in Murree for winter seasons.

Swat Valley:

Swat valley is surrounded by some beautiful locations that provide diversified areas for a variety of travelers around the world.

Whether it’s a camping, cultural tourism, or honeymoon travel, you can experience different locations for all of these purposes.

As we are much concerned with honeymoon ideal locations, so swat valley also provides you the opportunity in this category. The significant honeymoon traveling location in swat valley are kalam, Madyan, Mingora, Mahodand Lake, Malam Jabba, Saidu sharif, etc.

All of these places provide different experiences to the couples, which enhances your honeymoon experience so you could not forget this memorable time of your life.

Neelum Valley:

If you want to spend your quality time in the beautiful waterfalls, green mountains, and near to the rivers, then neelum valley would be the best place to spend your honeymoon time with your partner.

Kashmir is considered as the paradise on earth due to its beautiful landscapes and greenery throughout the land. On the other hand, the neelum valley is regarded as the beautiful land on this earth.

The Neelum valley honeymoon tour starts from the Muzaffarabad, which is the capital city of Azad Kashmir. It takes almost a minimum of five days to cover the significant areas of this location, such as upper neelum, red fort, Kashmir waterfall, neelum Jehlum Rivers, Kel, Sharda, etc.

All of the above places provide you a variety of experiences, which you would not forget on your honeymoon tour to this valley.

Note: There are many other places that we might not able to share in this place due to the reading engagement of this article. However, the idea of creating this content was to provide you a full glimpse of the ideal honeymoon places of Pakistan that you can visit in 2020.

However, it’s better to pay the best traveling app in Pakistan for your honeymoon travel because they are much more professional in providing better accommodation and transportation services that help you to spend the memorable honeymoon time with your partner.

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