Top Four Bathroom Maintenance Tips

Top Four Bathroom Maintenance Tips

Bathrooms are the most ignored parts of every home. Homeowners are often not bothered about the issues arising in this nook even though they spend a significant amount of time here. However, the wisest of the lot understand that like the rest of the house, bathrooms too attract dirt and grime; and hence, require deep cleaning along with proper care and maintenance practices to run efficiently.

From the sink to the showerhead, the toilet to the drain, every single aspect of your bathroom needs to be looked after to prevent expensive repairs and ensure the proper functioning of the plumbing system and the overall home.

That being said, here are some expert tips for your regular bathroom maintenance –

  1. Clean It Everyday

Bathroom cleaning chores might be the least pleasant task on your to-do list but trust me the long term results of this effort is beyond words. That is especially important if you have got little kids playing in the bathtub and littering around the area every day.

It is okay if you are packed with a busy schedule, postpone the deep cleaning for the weekends but at least do a quick tidy up each day by wiping down the sinks, counters, mirrors, and toilets right after the use – that will not take much time.

  1. Inspect the Grout and Sealant

The grout and sealant are two crucial things that keep your bathroom tiles intact, over the bathtub or shower enclosure. However, the constant splashes of water and exposure to heat can cause the grout to wear out quickly and develop cracks. Mold contamination can also happen due to moisture buildup.

The only preventive measure is to do a daily wipe after baths to remove water droplets, body oils, or soap residues. Also, if there is any missing grout, you must clean dry the area and then apply new grout.

  1.  Check Leaks

Sinks and toilet seats are the major sources of bathroom leaks. And, if not taken care of immediately can be detrimental for your flooring and baseboards. Fortunately, moisture problems can be identified through some basic signs and quickly acted upon.

However, a regular homeowner may not know the extent of the leak, so it is best to contact a professional. He will examine your bathroom inside out and fix the plumbing at the earliest for you.

  1. Avoid Bathroom Clogs

You might have encountered bathroom clogs more than once in your lives and seen how stressful and gross it can be. But, do you treat the bathrooms right and take the suitable course of action to prevent that from happening?

Drain clogging doesn’t happen on its own. You are probably doing something wrong that messes with the household plumbing. So, keep an eye on what are you dumping in there. Avoid flushing too much toilet paper or foreign of objects like cotton balls, tampons, baby wipes, etc. Call a plumbing service when required.

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