Top Blogs Every Graduate Student Needs to Read

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Aside from what is offered in class, graduate students must read to acquire additional information. These books are helpful to refresh your mind, help you study, and help you manage your finances. In 2019, North Carolina’s high school graduation rate was 87%. By 2030, the prediction is that 95% of high school students will graduate within four years or less.

The chances of success go up if you take your time to look for additional material to read. You might think that reading more than what your school provides is strenuous. However, the more you read, the greater your chances of understanding because you are exercising your brain.


This college blog is perfect for students because it provides you with educational information and spiritual guidance. The Montreat College is Christ-centered and so is its blog. It prepares its undergrad and grad students for their calling and guides them toward a good career choice.

Adventures in Gardaland

This blog mainly focuses on the life of a grad student. It portrays all the highs and lows and how to cope from month to month.


The blog is a forum and community for graduate-level students. Here. You can ask questions and get advice on different issues.

Graduate School 

This is a guide to help students decide if they should attend graduate programs online. If you choose to, the blog teaches you how to cope.

The College Puzzle 

The College Puzzle is Dr. Michael W. Kirst’s blog about college success at Stanford University.

The Education Optimists 

Learn about the influence society, colleges and educators have on individuals. It also focuses on further learning and equalizing all students.

Zen Habits

The blog is about clearing clutter and focusing on what’s important in the life of a grad student.

AMS Graduate Student Blog

This is a perfect blog for math grad students. What’s even better is that math students created it.

Dissertation Diva

You might be writing a thesis for your graduate programs online that feels like a dissertation. Here, you get plenty of help, tips, and resources.


Here students interact with public discussions involving the scholarly value of academic blogging. The blog also explores issues of copyright, and intellectual property, among others, in relation to composition studies.

WRT: Writer Response Theory 

This is a different blog focusing on digital character art. The blog discusses and explores different aspects of this art form.

Broke Grad

Many students relate to this blog because it speaks of a grad school graduate with $22,000 in student loans. He is paying this loan by making money online.

Get Rich Slowly

This blog is an excellent personal finance blog. In it are topics such as grad school, post-grad, and money management.

North Carolina’s system of higher education comprises about 150 colleges and universities. Each student requires different kinds of guidance and information, thus the need for various blogs.

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