Top 6 Signs Your Kitchen Needs A Remodel


Just like the rest of your home, kitchen undergoes constant wear and tear. And when you don’t wish to move to a new house, remodeling the existing one is the only solution. Not only will that be less expensive and quick, but it will make your kitchen space nicely functional.

Giving your kitchen a facelift shouldn’t be a decision that you postpone. It is the space where you spent most of your day when at home and hence requires to look as good as new so you can enjoy the cooking throughout.

Here are some tell-tale signs by experts that indicate your kitchen needs a makeover –

  1. Cracked or Peeled Flooring

Kitchen flooring takes the major hit from the constant traffic in this area. And that is irrespective of what flooring type you have installed. Tiles can crack, hardwood can lose its shine, and vinyl sheets can peel off.

The sight of all this can be extremely annoying. So, if you see this happening in your kitchen, fix it at the earliest.

  1. Jammed Drawers and Cupboards

If you are constantly struggling with the opening of drawers and cupboards each time, you definitely need to do something about them. Either lubricate their moving parts with some oil or replace them entirely for better performance.

Also, be careful if cupboards seem falling off the wall. They can easily hurt someone, so remove them immediately.

  1. Small Dishwasher

Not all homeowners require full-size dishwashers. But in your case, if you cook often and have kids around, then investing in a big dishwasher might come as a sigh of relief. You won’t be worried about your friends dropping in and eating out together.

Remember, time is more than money. So, the time you spend cleaning the dishes can be devoted to better things.

  1. Poor Performing Appliances

With usage, a lot of appliances can deteriorate in performance and even come at a total shutdown. The refrigerator may ice-up, gas stove’s burners may malfunction, and the microwave oven may fail despite you bought them new when you moved in.

These can lead to major expenditures if not kept under control, which is why it is best to replace them and instead invest in durable and energy-efficient tools.

  1. Pest Infestation

Mice, rats, and cockroaches may be living secretly in cool, dark places of your kitchen but you won’t know about their presence in the small holes of the walls unless you witness them somewhere or see your pets running behind them.

Once their traces are found, it is a major indication that your kitchen needs a complete makeover.

  1. Outdated and Damaged Cabinets

If you have wooden kitchen cabinetry, you can soon see the shine getting lost and even the hinges coming off. And, if your house has high-moisture content, you can observe warping signs as well. In that case, you shouldn’t wait more and quickly remove them.

You can either replace the cabinet door or the entire cabinetry set, depending on the extent of damage you see. If you are taking the DIY route, make sure you watch step-by-step cabinet refacing videos.

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