Top 10 Possible Causes of Water Leaks In Your House

Water Leaks

The water leak is amongst the most common problems that we encounter in our day-to-day household life. Sometimes it’s not that troubling, but it keeps on repeating over a period of time, then it can cause damage. From moisture build-up in walls to damage of appliances, regular water leakage can lead you to some serious repercussions.

The best thing you can do is that when you encounter a water leak, try to fix it on your own. If not possible, call for water leak repair services in San Diego. You can find instant solutions if you hire an expert team for emergency repair services of water leak in San Diego.

However, you can fix certain issues easily at home. For them, you don’t need to call for professional help. You can check the videos on YouTube for DIY water leak repair in San Diego, like fixing water leaks in minutes, quick leakage fix at home, etc. Also, to fix the issue, it’s vital for you to know the major sources or causes of water leaks at home. No, you don’t have to do the home inspection of your home for a water leak. We are here to tell you all that right now.

What Are The Possible Causes or Areas of Water Leaks In Your Home?


Flush in and flush out. Washrooms and toilets are the areas that involve intensive water use. Throughout the day, they handle all the load of the family members of the house. The tank behind the toilet seat, the flush tank, is a major source of water leaks in washrooms. Further, the leakage from showers, heater pipes, or supply tank pipes is another source of water sneaking out. 

You must keep a check on even the slightest of water leakages in the washroom. The reason is that it can be really troubling as the water can keep accumulating in some dent in the flooring of the washroom. However, this would further creep in-ground, making the surface weak and leading to cracks and damages.

Washing Machines

The washing machines in the home use a lot of water and then drain the same. Pipes and systems of the machine face the compression and stress of hot and cold water that we use for washing different varieties of clothes. So, this causes damage over time, and you can see water leaking from the machine, say for the inlet or outlet pipe.


Refrigerators have the major function of keeping things cool and forming ice. The melting of the ice is the primary cause of water leaks from refrigerators. This water leak can disperse water into the vicinity of surrounding appliances as well. Further, refrigerators with water dispensers cause water leakage due to the dispenser as well. Therefore, ensuring regular maintenance and check of refrigerators is vital.

Air Conditioners

For performing the task of circulating cool air, the air conditioners sweep out a good amount of water through outlet pipes. If you don’t manage this outflow properly, then it’s surely a major water leak issue. You can divert this water towards your garden or allow it to get stored in a tank for later use.

Water Heater

Our wintertime is soother and a provider of warm water for bathing, cleaning, etc., the water heater can also be the culprit. The flow of hot and cold water from the system through its pipes can create cracks, leading to water leakage. Therefore regular checking of your HVAC devices is a recommended thing.

Water Pumping System

The water pumping system and the motor are other culprits when it comes to water leakage. It pushes water up the tank and forces it out from the ground. The pipes and system face water pressure and the force of moving it up against gravity. The wear and tear are obvious, and the leakage is something that is bound to happen.  Thus, it’s something to watch for when you talk about water leakage.

Washbasins or Sinks

We keep using them day in and day out for shaving, brushing, hand washing, etc., and rarely care that it can be a source of water leakage. The most used water-intensive devices at home are generally the ones that cause major leakages, and it stands true here. Experts advise keeping a check on the system, and in case of small leakage, you should not hesitate to change the pipes. They don’t cost much and can save you from the troublesome repercussions.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is the reason behind the majority of the water leaks that take place. The pipes that run through our houses carry water with varying pressure, and many a time, an excess flow of jerk can cause damage. The most common example of this is the motor-linked pipes that carry water up and down driven by the power of the motor.

Outside Pipes

Have you ever observed the formation of a greenish layer on the walls outside your home where the pipes run? Well, it is because the water starts leaking from pipes over time and leads to the development of algae in the nearby region. However, this is a major problem with ceramic pipes, but nowadays, we can observe the same with plastic pipes as well.

Temperature Change

Temperature is another cause of water leakage. Well, this is due to the outside temperature that is seasonal changes and not the internal temperature that we are talking about here. In summer, when there is scorching heat and sunburn, the pipes and water in tanks get heated. However, this over a long period can create surface cracks on pipes leading to water outflow.

Similarly, in winters, especially in areas where there is extremely low temperature, pipes can burst due to the freezing of water inside. With metal pipes, it is more common. That is why an insulation coating is applied on pipes to protect them. You must ensure that the outside pipes, the overhead pipes, and all the major kinds of pipes running through the home have insulation coding. This step would be really handy in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it’s essential to monitor minor leaks regularly and repair them on-spot. You can go for routine plumbing inspections to detect hidden leaks and get them repaired on time. However, this will prevent you from the water damage that these leaks can cause to walls, ceilings, floorings, furniture and fixtures, concrete slabs, and other valuables. Also, you can save water wastage, leading to lesser utility bills.

Don’t take on trying to inspect and repair water leaks by yourself. Call professional assistance for safe and hassle-free solutions. If you need water leak repair experts in San Diego, check out to know a top water leak repair company in San Diego.

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