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In the era of cloud computing networks, data is an extremely powerful weapon. The right amount of data can help an enterprise make appropriate decisions. Correct use of information can help improve customer service. Also, one can eliminate complicated issues with the right amount and kind of data. All of this has resulted in huge demand for data scientists. Another aspect emerging from this situation is the need for data scientists. Although less spoken of, data scientists play a significant role in technology. Azure Data Engineering is one of the most lucrative jobs in the Microsoft Azure domain. We shall now discuss the career path of an Azure data Engineer as well as the Azure certifications required for data engineering jobs.

Why should one choose Azure Data Engineering Jobs?

As an Azure Data Engineer, one can smoothly combine the roles of a Data Engineer as well as a data analyst in a single job. A data engineer manages the data workflow and pipelines. They are responsible for creating the concrete base upon which data scientists carry out their work. They also collect, move, store and prepare the data infrastructure. Apart from these responsibilities, a data engineer also enjoys coveted job prospects. These jobs pay exceedingly well and help one stand out before potential employers. Also, Data Engineering is a job that is constantly evolving. Thus, it will rapidly adapt as time passes.

Individuals pursuing a career as an Azure Data Engineer should have one thing in mind. To become a Data engineer you must clear two important certification exams. These exams showcase one’s abilities in the unique skills required to become a data engineer in the Azure platform. The popularity of Azure has increased significantly in recent years, making it an essential platform in data engineering.

Skills required by Azure Data Engineers

As the number of Azure data engineers keeps increasing steadily, one must be aware of the basic skills required by data engineers on this platform. Some of these include:-

  • The knowledge and understanding of the evolving nature of the data landscape, the evolution of data systems, and their impact on data professionals.
  • One must know the difference between on-premises and cloud data solutions. It is also preferable to have an understanding of cloud technologies used in cases of business.
  • One should have a distinct understanding of the responsibilities associated with their job. A concrete understanding of Azure Services is imperative.

Apart from this, certain role-specific skills such as an understanding of algorithms, data structure, SQL, and programming languages like Java and Python can enhance your job prospects in data engineering even further.

Required Certification for Azure Data Engineering

The azure data engineer certification for the job of Microsoft Certified Data Engineer Associate is extremely important for a career in data engineering. There are two exams needed for this certification- DP-200 and DP-201. Both of these exams test the respective skills and capabilities of data engineers. DP-200 implements an Azure Data solution and DP-201 designs an azure Data solution. These two exams are compulsory, and they do not need a specific exam score to be eligible for these exams. 

Points to note while preparing for the exams

  • The first exam (DP-200) is of a technical aspect and focuses on implementation. The second exam (DP-201) focuses on the design and finding options for solutions as per project requirements.
  • There are 40-48 questions present in the DP-200 examination. The duration is 180 minutes and additional 30 minutes are provided for reading time, signing a non-disclosure agreement, and giving feedback.
  • Questions are not in any fixed type. It can be a multiple-choice, binary choice, or case study.
  • The DP-201 exam has a duration of 50 minutes. There are 42 questions. The number of case studies for this exam tends to be more.
  • The Azure certification cost for exam registration of DP-200 and DP-201 is 165 USD

The discussion above shows you a path towards being a data engineer, its significance, and the methods by which you can obtain this certification. Individuals aiming toward a career in data engineering should be able to face the challenge of a constantly changing data engineering platform. Keep track of the emerging trends, stay focused, and keep your mind open to upcoming challenges and nothing can stop you from achieving a successful career in data engineering.

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