When you are starting out in your legal career the law firm you choose to work for is important. Here are some tips from Felicetti Law Firm to find the right one for you.


Research is important when it comes to law. The first process is knowing the area of law you are interested in. You will then go online and search or check out available law guides detailing practice areas of law firms across the country. Even if you have not yet decided on the area you are going to practice in, take the time to learn more about the different areas. You should also talk with senior students who have been in vacation schemes. Even better, you can decide to intern in a law firm or even shadow a judge in the local court!

If you are not yet sure, then don’t worry because many trainees in law firms are not sure about the area they would like to practice in. You just need to have an open mind.

Having a strategy

When you are done with your research, know that you are a step ahead of your peers! The next step is attending law fairs, networking sessions, and open days any time you can. When you go for these events, you are not going there just to be there and get the free items because employers will assume you are not interested in their firms. This is going to leave a bad impression. Approach the top firms with a list of questions to ask.

You should be careful not to ask stupid questions. They can come in the form of negative questions, like “Is it try that the firm is bad at xxx” or “What do you hate about firm X?”. Keep in mind that you are meeting the employees of the firm and they are never going to say anything negative about their employer (if you want to know the answer to such a question, then it is important to rephrase it in a way that doesn’t come out offensive or negative). A good way of forming questions is by first thinking about the purpose of the question. Try getting something meaningful from the networking sessions. If you want to know more about the firm from the perspective of a student, then ask the trainee about their training process and also more no how the perfected their CV.

There is a lot of information you can get from these events, make sure you take a brochure from these firms so you can go through them later.


When attending networking sessions or open days with the desired firms, make sure you engage the associates or trainees working there. You need to be fully present at these events (don’t be the person who has to check their phone every minute). Carry a notebook so you can use it for jotting down important information. As you interact with the associates or trainees, make sure you ask them about their interests. They usually like people who are interested in their current and even past projects. You should also remember to ask them questions concerning the firm that will lead to deeper insights. Some of them include;

What are some changes that the firm has gone through in the past year or the last six months?

What is the firm’s culture like?

What is the future of the firm?

People like it when someone is interested in their law firm.

When you get to this point, go through the list of law firms you have made. The next step is going to involve narrowing down your list. Eliminate some of the law firms. Keep in mind that it is okay to dislike a law firm – you don’t have to like every law firm out there. Not every firm is going to suit everyone. This doesn’t mean talking badly about the law firm you don’t like in front of another law firm because it shows how unprofessional you are. The above tips are going to help you a lot, and you will find a law firm you like in no time.

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