The Truth About Lab Diamonds: All You Need to Know About Lab-Created Diamonds in the UK


‍The global demand for diamonds continues to grow. The U.S alone spent over $19 billion on diamonds in 2016 and the demand shows no sign of slowing down. In light of this, manufacturers have started producing synthetic or Lab diamonds UK as an alternative to natural stones. But what are these lab-created diamonds? Are they expensive? Are they worth investing in? Do you need to know anything special if you are thinking about buying them? Do they have any other pros or cons that we should know about before purchasing a lab-created diamond? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about lab-created diamonds in the UK…

What are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are created in a laboratory, while natural diamonds are formed deep in the Earth over millions of years. Lab-created diamonds are made by fusing carbon atoms together under extreme pressure and heat to create a diamond crystal structure. The diamond is then dissolved and recrystallized into a tiny diamond using a chemical solution. It is then cut and polished before being used in jewelry.

How Are Lab-Created Diamonds Made?

A diamond is created under intense heat and pressure, with carbon being compressed until it forms a pure crystal. In the lab, this is achieved by placing a small piece of a special type of carbon called graphite in a machine called a high-pressure vessel. The vessel is then injected with a special type of solution that causes the graphite to dissolve and then recrystallize into a diamond crystal. The diamond is then carefully extracted and cut into the desired shape.

Pros and Cons of Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are more durable than natural diamonds. They are created in a controlled environment and are harder, making them less prone to breakage or damage. Pro – Price: Natural diamonds are a rare and valuable commodity, which means they are extremely expensive and out of reach for many people. While lab-created diamonds are not as rare, they also come at a much lower price. This makes them more affordable for more people. Con – Appearance: The appearance of a lab-created diamond is different from that of a natural diamond. Natural diamonds are formed over millions of years and have a unique, imperfect look. Lab-created diamonds, on the other hand, are manufactured in a controlled environment and have a very uniform appearance. This makes them look ‘too perfect’ and different from natural diamonds.

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