The best karaoke songs of 2010 – country and pop

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Now that 2010 is over, we can go back to the year and see what the best-selling songs are in karaoke, both pop and country. While the reviews are almost identical, this pop and country karaoke review is different because it shows what these people want to achieve, not just what people want from modern music. I liked what they wanted to hear.

Here are our top ten choices – based on sales, demand and popularity – first a pop-up window and then a list of countries. Many of the records sold last year had multiple songs, so there was no sure way to know which dominant song the buyer was interested in buying the record. In other words, our choices can’t be considered 100 percent accurate as to which songs topped the list in 2010, but we think it’s close.

The best karaoke pop songs of 2010

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum (Yes, the country band is at the top of the 2010 pop list, and the pop version of this song features an electric guitar in the choir and a bridge instead of a country guitar. You think it’s like Alan Parsons’ “Eye in the Sky.” that the choir is similar to Elijah’s “More Than Words Say.”

Katy Perry California Gulls – (Katy Perry turned out to be not just a flash but a sincere pop star. For example, I thought her career was short when her first single was released. “Me.” Kiss a Girl “unstable and memorable, but here she is two years later on his second album, which produced 3 number one hits, including California Gulls. The story is ruined with “Daisy.

Hi, Soul Sister By Train “returned this group of the dead.

 Who would have thought that a song whose main instrument is a ukulele could cross the charts? Maybe it’s Tiny but who remembers him .(a very immersive song compared to Lady Gage’s “Just Dance,” this pagalworld song is probably a cookie for many of today’s 40 most popular dance numbers in the United States)

‘On You – (This artist’s debut single will be visited by Bruno Mars, but of course the karaoke version can also be sung as a single.)

Pink’s Glitter in the Air – (This song took Pink to a new level. It’s a blue, emotional, heartfelt ballad and is in high demand.)Lady Gaga Bad Romance – (Another hit that is always predictably from Lady Gaga. The features of this story are compared to her previous hit “Poker Face”.)

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