The 7 benefits of a mobile-friendly website


If you don’t already have one, then you’ve probably heard of it: a mobile-friendly website. We are happy to list the most important advantages / reasons of a mobile-friendly website for you.

Compared to 10 years ago a lot has changed on the internet. A major change that was introduced a few years ago are the different devices with which websites are visited. In addition to a computer or laptop, most people nowadays have a mobile phone or tablet that they use to access the internet.

It is important that your website is optimized for these mobile devices. We list the most important reasons and advantages of an optimized website for you.

1. A growing number of mobile visitors

The number of mobile internet users is growing worldwide and has since overtaken the desktop (computer or laptop) internet users. Although this will vary per website, you will also see in your visitor statistics that the number of mobile visitors will take a high percentage. Naturally, a website must fit in well with the needs of the visitor, so that visitors stay on the website for a long time or with the aim that they will contact the underlying company. A website that is mobile friendly focuses on a large part of the visitors to the website.

2. Google gives your website a higher ranking

Since the beginning of 2015, Google has let websites that are optimized for mobile phones rank higher in the search results. Google does this because they believe that mobile users benefit from a website that is optimized for a mobile device. So if you have a website that is optimized, then your website will be ranked higher by Google than websites that are not, so it is possible that your website will be displayed higher in the search results than those of your competitor (s).

In practice, you will see that if you search for your website using a mobile device with Google and your website is mobile-friendly, it says under the title of your website [For mobile].

Do you want to check if Google finds your website mobile friendly? Go to

3. A more user-friendly website

With a mobile-friendly website, the website fits perfectly on the visitor’s screen. This makes texts and images legible (without having to zoom in) and the visitor can easily navigate through the website.

If your website is not yet mobile friendly and someone visits your website with a mobile device, the website will have to be scaled for the visitor’s screen. With a mobile phone, the screen is considerably smaller than on a computer and the entire website will be considerably smaller, and therefore unclear. Most mobile phones offer the option to zoom in on the page, but this is obviously not conducive to the user-friendliness of your website

4. A website that loads quickly

Nobody is waiting for a website that takes a long time to load. A website that is not mobile friendly can take a long time to load on a mobile device. This is because there may be many (large) images and texts on the website. A mobile-friendly website is made in such a way that there is no need to load too much data and therefore will load quickly.

5. Visitors stay on your website longer

Like other visitors, visitors with a mobile device like to experience an easy-to-use website. If the website is mobile friendly, so that the visitor can easily navigate and read / view pages, visitors will stay longer and take more time to walk through the website. There is a good chance that if the website is unclear or not easy to use, visitors will leave the website and look for their information somewhere else.

6. Better than the competitor

Visitors to your website will notice that a lot of attention is paid to the website and website visitors. If this is not the case with a competitor, the visitor would rather visit your website. Many companies are aware of this, perhaps also your competitor, but by no means all websites are mobile-friendly and mobile-friendly websites benefit greatly from this.

7. Visitors from Facebook

Facebook is often used on a mobile device. Visitors who arrive at your website via Facebook will therefore often use a mobile device. It is also important for these visitors that the website is easy to use, because otherwise they will have left again. Do you regularly promote your website on Facebook? Make sure that your website is ready for these visitors.

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