Stunning Bridal Jewelry To Look Out For This Wedding Season


Jewelry has a special place in Indian Weddings! It is something that adds a dash of elegance to  your basic look, hence makes you look finely dressed for different events. Each wedding season, some new and exciting jewelry patterns keep coming up to ensure that every soon-to-be-bride looks only stupendous on her D-day and nothing else!

It is easy to pick an outfit, but when it comes to pick up the right jewelry, it is a daunting task! So all soon-to-be brides, here’s a list of trending wholesale handmade jewelry trends you must check:

Choker Charm

Chokers are back and this time with a bang! Remember those winding plastic Gothic chokers we wore around the neck back in the ’90s? The historical backdrop of this grand piece started in the 1700s and proceeded through the French Revolution. Chokers sit cozily around the neck and look super chic, especially with Indian wedding wear! If you are wearing a deep neck blouse on your wedding then choker is the only option to go with.

Golden Glam

Many Indian brides incline toward gold jewelry on their big day. Most likely wearing gold gives you a royal touch, yet gives you a chance where you can add a little turn to it. Settling on regular gold gems can be dreary so zip it with pearl, precious stone and other fancy gemstones. This won’t just add a turnoff to your look.

Ring Bracelets

Decorating the fingers and the wrist, ring bracelets or the haath phool is a refined adornment that highlights the hands. Not just on the wedding, but these can be matched with Anarkali dresses or night outfits for a regal, lofty look at your reception or engagement. Go with a solitary anchored, contemporary-styled ring wristband for Western outfits.

Diamonds Deck-Up

Yes, diamonds are girl’s best friends and nothing more than diamonds can please any lady. Forget about those days when ladies used to wear just rings and hoops of precious diamonds. Now, the Indian brides are experimenting  with different alternatives of diamond for their big day. Other than going for Kundan or gold set, you can stun in all diamond stones on your wedding day.

Mesh Miracle

A fairly new contestant in the class of chic gems, cross section mesh soon picking up attention as an in vogue accessory. Simple to wear, one can purchase metal wire from the market and make DIY decorations as well. Mesh even makes incredible hair adornments, not only this, but a mesh jewelry collaborated with a plain dress finishes a look well.


A lady without maang-tikka on her wedding day is incomplete. Whether you are Hindu or Muslim, this delightful bit of jewelry is definitely a portion of your wedding. The pasha, matha patti or maang-tikka, all are a piece of Indian wedding. To keep the look urban, the heavy maatha patti could be simply replaced by a chain matha patti and a traditional pasha with a touch of Mughals would get a sprinkle of modernity by adding pearls and matching gemstones to it.

We are sure these fashion tips will bring modernity to the basic look of your wedding and also adds a better time and joy in your wedding and of course happy-pictures too!

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