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Are you looking to get started on your religious studies? Do you want to learn how to recite the Quran but aren’t sure where to start? In today’s high-tech world, it’s more accessible than ever before to get started with learning the Noorani Quran online! With our online courses, you can Learn Noorani Quran online at your own pace – no matter what time zone you live in! And our courses are taught by expert and qualified tutors who are ready to help you every step of the way.

Our methodology
Our online courses are taught by qualified instructors and feature interactive quizzes, text-to-speech, and downloadable content. Our courses help you get started in the proper way with the basics of tajweed and Noorani Qur’an reading. It’s never too early to start educating yourself about the religion. Give it a try today! We offer many other islamic courses such as Arabic, Tafseer Al Qur’an (Commentary on the Qur’an), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Hadith (Prophetic Traditions) and more. For those who already know Arabic, we offer introductory level classes for children ages 6-12 in all subjects.

Our approach
Noorani Quranic Mastery Program is a comprehensive and structured study program that provides an in-depth and detailed understanding of the Quranic text. The program consists of three levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Students are introduced to basic concepts of Tajweed (rules for recitation) and grammar. They also learn how to recite the Quradan script and memorize passages from the Quran.

Quality teaching
Noorani is an Arabic word meaning of the city and is used to refer to the script in which the Holy Quran was revealed. It has been written continuously since the 16th Century, but it has its origins in scripts from earlier centuries. Our qualified and expert online Quran teachers will teach you how to read, write and pronounce this beautiful language that shares so much of what Islam teaches us. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can pick up all of these skills by joining one of our courses today!
We have both male and female teachers who are experts in teaching you this beautiful language while preserving traditional Arabic calligraphy that is used when transcribing the Holy Qur’an.

Why you should learn noorani quran today?
Noorani quran is the most accurate and authentic version of the Holy Quran. The best way to understand and learn about what the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has taught us, is by reading his words himself. All Muslim children should learn about their religion from an early age, so that they can grow up knowing how to pray, how to live in accordance with the Quranic principles and values, and how to be more tolerant towards other religions. Our Learn Noorani Quran Online courses are designed for parents who want their children to learn more about Islam but have difficulty finding time or resources to do so themselves.

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