Sport Clips Hair Salon

Sport Clips Hair Salon

Sports hairstyles are always complicated. There are several techniques, for men it’s quite simple when you have short hair but for women it’s a little more complicated. Nevertheless, there are haircuts suitable for sports. These haircuts can be long or short, if they are short, one will not be embarrassed during sports if it does not interfere with the view. For longer haircuts, you just have to tie your hair well, your hairdresser will advise you to make a bun or put ties correctly. Hair wasn’t something men paid attention to, partly because for a long time, the haircut industry was dominated by women. Gordon Logan saw an opportunity and thrust himself into the tangled mess that is the world of men, and thus sport clips was born. Gordon founded Sport Clips Haircuts in 1993 and opened its doors with the goal of providing men and boys a haircut experience similar to how women enjoy their time at a salon.

Cutting your hair to make it more manageable

The haircut that is available in different styles at your hairdresser is based on the style that athletes usually show. These sports hairstyles are often created by a hairdresser, this way they are very short and look good during sports performance. Also, if you adopt a sporty hairstyle, you will definitely have a good workout, at least on competition days. However, that’s not the only thing you need to consider. For women, it is important to take care of your hair. Chances are you won’t wash your hair if you’re working out for a week. It is very important because the dirt will remain and if you don’t wash it, the dryings will be ruined, the hair will not be shiny and you will not feel good about yourself if you start doing sports.

Sport Clips cost offers an array of services from the well-executed haircut to beard sculpts, the ever- famous hot steam towel, to the shampoo massage, everything a man needs, style-wise. And did we say we also give haircuts to women? #Equality

Sport Clips Prices 2022

Guys (and gals) Can get a quick haircut for a good 19 bucks. That’s $9 cheaper than the national average cost for haircuts! For kids 10 years and younger, they get a Junior Varsity haircut for just $17.00. Our seniors can also have the best Senior Varsity haircut for only $17.00. Upgrade to a Triple Play by paying an additional $5 only and you get the famous hot steamed towel and massaging shampoo treatment for a cleaner look. Base price for the Triple Play is $22.00.  If you want to take it further, add an additional $2 only for the MVP Championship Treatment you deserve! You walk out not just looking clean, but feeling refreshed as well. For a base price of $24.00, you get the haircut, a hot steam towel, the massage shampoo treatment, and the neck and shoulder massage! Not bad if you ask us.

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