Son Of Michael Douglas


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Throughout his life, Cameron Douglas has experienced complicated episodes among which he finds a stay in prison for the sale of methamphetamines, however, he recently unveiled a new chapter that involves his father.

As Cameron himself details in his book ‘ Long Way Home’, when he was eight years old his father was making him distribute marijuana cigarettes among Douglas’s party guests.

This, among other reasons, caused Cameron to have a quick approach to drugs and over time he fell into a strong addiction to cocaine and heroin use.

Take this to your uncle. ‘ And I did it without realizing it until years after what I had really done. As I grew up I went from one place to another, I went out to the balconies of the family mansion and saw more than I was supposed to see: adults doing the things that adults who live excessive lives do ”

Narrates Cameron, and states that he did it without being aware of what was really happening, adding that it was extremely difficult for him to grow under the shadow of Kirk Douglas and Michael.
Other personal conflicts

After the separation of his parents, Cameron faced a series of obstacles that led him to make bad decisions and seek refuge in drugs, so at 25 he used cocaine up to three times per hour.

Currently, Cameron is dedicated to helping other people with addictions and is married to a yoga teacher with whom he has a daughter.

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