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Decorative laminates are one of the most popular recent trends that have completely shaken the interior design industry. Laminate sheets are available in different colours, patterns, and textures and they have different functional purposes. Where some are applicable for kitchens and countertops, some are best for the walls of your bedroom. Warm and cool toned solid color laminates are also great for creating different vibes inside your living spaces. Royale Touche produces various solid colour laminates that are great low-maintenance, affordable alternatives to traditional surfaces.

What is Colour Psychology?

Colour Psychology typically focuses on how various tones and hues of colours can affect the moods of people. In the last few decades, professional interior designers and renowned psychologists have also studied how some specific moods are mostly associated with certain colours. This is also a reason why you may find some soft pastel colours in a new born’s room and some bolder shades in any elder child’s room. Classic neutral tones are suitable for creating luxurious interiors of a hotel or restaurant and hues of vibrant greens are used inside a replenishing spa’s restroom.

What Mood Do You Want To Set With The Solid Colour?

Before choosing a solid colour for any surface you must understand what mood you want to create inside the room. For example, you might want to create an energetic vibe inside a kitchen that boosts appetite, a relaxing mood inside a washroom, and a romantic one inside your bedroom. To understand the mood of a certain space, try to picture the use of the area, who uses the space, how they use it, and what their intention is for the room on a daily basis.

Availability of Natural Light

Lighting is also important in determining the appearance of colours inside a room and creating a certain atmosphere inside. Keep in mind that many colours may look brighter, warmer, or lighter depending upon the availability of natural light in the room. In addition to this, brighter colours can make a room look small. It is important to keep a balance between the area of the space and the colours you choose. Go for softer shades of laminates in a small, compact space.

Why Should You Use Solid Colour Laminates in Your Room?


Solid laminates are great for creating a simple mood inside a room. You can mix and match various colours and create different moods for your living room or kitchen.


Royale Touche laminates are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Unlike other surfacing alternatives, laminates do not easily crack or get damaged. Such sheets have a shelf life of more than ten years, which is also the longevity of most laminates on the market.


Laminates are always more affordable and cost-effective when it comes to refurbishing your interiors. Using Royale Touche laminates will also save you some extra bucks on maintenance and repair costs as our sheets are quite sturdy and durable.


Laminates can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth or sponge. Avoid using any harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners as they can affect the finish of the laminates. It is not necessary to clean these surfaces frequently, eliminating unnecessary maintenance costs.

Latest Solid Colour Laminate Design Trends

Matte Finish Laminates – These laminate sheets come in a variety of solid colours and offer a matte finish.

Gloss Finish Laminates – High gloss laminates also come in different shades of glossy solid colours that are suitable for large living rooms, kitchens, and washrooms.

Exterior Laminates – Exterior Laminates are designed to survive the rough weather outside. They are also used in balcony railings and patio cabinets. You can use solid colour exterior laminates on your doors and fence.

Textured Laminates – These premium-looking laminates can mimic the look of different textures like wood, stones, and leather.

PVC Laminates – PVC laminates are scratch-resistant laminates that are best for the lower part of a modular kitchen. They are available in matte, glossy, and suede finishes. You can use a combination of different solid colour PVC laminates to create the perfect mood for your kitchen.

Acrylic Finish Laminates – Unlike PVC Laminates, acrylic laminates do not come in matte finishes. Hence, they are the most suitable for the upper cabinets of a modular kitchen.

High-Pressure Laminates – These are some of the toughest laminates available in the market. Compressed under high pressure, they can withstand a great amount of weight.

Colours not only determine your preference but are important on a larger scale to create a great interior space for your house or commercial area. Be it your living room, a restaurant, a spa, or an educational institute, solid color laminates are suitable for every purpose. To know more about such laminate designs, visit our website and check out our extensive collection.

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