Shoo The Sleepiness Away: 5 Tips For The Sleepy-Headed Traveler


Traveling is truly one of the best ways to spend your vacation, staycation or simple unwinding. It’s like escaping from the noise of the city or rewarding yourself after accomplishing burdensome workloads. It’s both a time of enjoying and easing off.

When you travel, you should make the most out of every moment because it’s not always that you can do so. Life’s responsibilities are so many, that you really have to allot time to decide and execute your travel plans.

One of the things that could probably ruin your exciting travel is your sleepy head. There are people who are just normally sleepy while sometimes, you just lack enough proper sleep. When you belong to these kinds of people, you must know how to enjoy your travel not by just sleeping all the way! 

To help you with that, below are 5 tips that will help you have a convenient, comfortable and awesome travel even with a sleepy head! 


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You absolutely cannot bring your whole bed to your travel, but you can take with you your favorite bed buddies like your travel pillow or travel stuffed toy! The most common you can actually see other people bringing as well is a travel pillow. It is usually a u-shaped pillow used for the neck. It’s aidful, so that you have a pillow even if you sleep while sitting down. At the same time, it prevents you from getting a stiff neck. 

When you are bringing your travel pillow, make sure that it’s size is not too space-occupying because you still have to consider the convenience of packing or carrying it. If ever you have a certain head pillow that you cannot sleep the night without, you can also take it with you as long as it’s not bulky and unnecessarily straining. You can use a stuffed toy instead if it would also help as an alternative to a pillow. 

Moreover, there are portable travel blankets which can be just rolled or turned into a bag, certainly designed for travel purposes. You can take it with you if you will be going for a long flight specifically. Bagging an eye mask will also help.

With these items, you can sleep well during your free time or in your flight, so that when it’s time for fun, you can totally experience everything well!


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Of course, when you are traveling, especially for overnight and more-than-one-day travels, you have to book a hotel accommodation. Other options could be sleeping inns and serviced apartments, but the usual are hotels. There are luxury hotels for dear prices, and there are budget-friendly hotels for affordable rates. 

The hotel could look really stunning, but the real highlight here is the rest you must get. When you go for a hotel stay, make sure you maximize your stay by taking a rest. When you arrive to the hotel after a long flight, rest first, especially if you were not able to do so on air. Shake off the jet lag and sleep well first.

Also, when you go back to the hotel after a day full of tiring but fun activities, don’t waste your time on your mobile phone when you are already sleepy. The hotel is made comfortable and homey for you to feel at ease while resting and relaxing. 


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There are times when you need to rest during your travel, but most of them must be spent sight-seeing and experiencing the “travel” you have come for! So you will not skip any of the good parts, drink coffee! It will make you stay awake and kicking! Instead of energy drinks, choose coffee. 

It’s possible that you will get an extremely sleepy head if the time zones of the country you’re from and the country you’re going to are different. Your body has to adjust, and that isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not used to it. 

Coffee will help you open your eyes, but make sure your body can take it properly. 


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When you are sleepy, sometimes, you just need some distractions to fight the feeling. One of the noticeably effective ways is by being entertained. Playing in your smartphone or just scrolling through your Facebook timeline can wake you up. It makes you alert. It interests you, so you get entertained.

You can read a book, a magazine or an online storybook. You can watch a television series, a movie or the news. You can listen to songs that hype you up and make you bang your head; you can play your favorite songs! 

Anything that can and that will make you entertained would be a weapon to fight your sleepy head. 


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What an unfortune it is to miss even one lovely part of your trip! So that will never happen to you, see to it that your eyes are opened wide. In that way, you will never be left out with a mouth opened wide while your eyes are shut! 

Engage in travel activities and adventures that will keep your body awake! Let your adrenaline rush in fantastic views and amusement park thrills! Shoo the sleepiness away with magnificent scenic views that will make your heart race! Blow away your sleepy head with mind-blowing rides and attractions in tourist adventure destinations!



Having a sleepy head is not a total disadvantage, especially if it’s not your intentional fault to lack sleep. It could sometimes be inevitable, but what the tips above teach about is that you can do something so that your sleepiness will not make you miss any beautiful and sought-after part of your awesome trip!

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