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Teaching the whole person is a common phrase, but what does it mean? For private schools, this means ensuring the right balance between work and play. The opportunity to try new things in and out of the classroom; the opportunity to change and grow. Private schools encourage students to be active participants in life.

Most private schools offer dozens of activities through the arts,

 Clubs, athletics, community programs, and off-campus trips. Many encourage students to try different interests by requiring participation in these programs. Some independent schools are aimed at those planning careers in the arts or professional fields. Best of all, non-academic programs are fun and a great way to make new friends.

Are you interested in theater, music, dance, writing or visual arts? A strong advantage of a private school is the opportunity and funding to create your own curriculum and activities, which often includes art programs. These include classes that teach the basics, as well as extracurricular activities that encourage creativity, exploration, and fun. Students have the opportunity to test their abilities in smaller, more intimate settings and then excel in larger productions. Independent schools often employ well-known arts professionals such as mentors, trainers or visiting lecturers. Students learn to be the best of the best. Private schools often compete with vocational schools, and many schools regularly send art graduates.

Theater programs vary from avant-garde,

 One- or two-year shows to full-scale plays or musical productions with dozens of actors. Theater production also includes sets, costumes, drama, direction, technical knowledge and writing.

Do you play an instrument or have a good singing voice? Or you might want to learn how to write music or try the sitar. Private school music programs may be the only place where your talent shines. The programs again vary from classic individual performances to music productions based on modern technology. In addition to singing or playing, music also includes production, composition and technique.

Want to switch to the beat of the  강남풀싸롱 ? If so, private school dance programs may be a way to improve your skills or find a rhythm. Like all artistic programs, dance ranges from individual concerts to large group performances, and the genre varies from classical to the latest movements seen on the streets. In addition to the performance, the dance programs also include production, choreography and direction.

For many, writing is just a chore, but for some,

 Putting words on the page to speak, tell a story, or express feelings brings great joy. Knowing how much fun students have with writing, private schools offer sites from the fast-paced environment of a newspaper or website to literary journals and poetry reviews. Writing the program also includes editing, layout and production.

Do you want to learn to draw, paint or sculpt? Participate in art programs offered at private schools. Private schools offer almost every type of art program, from basic drawing to glassblowing and almost everything in between. And many schools allow students to create their own art program if one is not already offered. Student art is on display, from small one-man shows to campus exhibitions.

Whatever the focus, the arts are seen as a student’s opportunity to succeed, develop self-discipline, find a lifelong interest, and possibly explore a career.


A healthy body and a healthy mind go together in private schools. Athletics are an important part of independent school life, forcing most students to participate in a sports program.

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