Plumbers’ Advice on Severe Pipe Burst

Plumbers' Advice on Severe Pipe Burst

The pipes that are installed under your property and run throughout your home receive a lot of daily use, which causes significant wear and tear over time. Every home needs plumbing pipes, but they are often taken for granted until they clog or leak. The damage and property loss can be devastating when a pipe bursts due to an accumulation of pressure.

Broken or leaking pipes harm personal goods, encourage the spread of mould and mildew, and jeopardise the structural integrity of your house. A key priority should be giving your house and other belongings water damage protection.

Factors influencing Pipe Burst in La Mesa

There are several factors that result in pipe bursts or damage like changes in the weather and environment, accidental damage and man-made errors are few of them. Nine typical causes of pipe bursts which require immediate intervention of La Mesa Plumber are listed below:

Freezing of the pipes – As water can still flow through a pipe, but considerably more slowly, when it is freezing, it is simple to overlook the early warning indications of a frozen pipe. As water freezes in one section of a pipe, pressure rises. If the water pressure is too high, it will lead to a pipe burst. Pipes that run parallel to poorly insulated exterior walls, those in unheated crawl spaces or attics, and water sprinkler lines are the most likely to freeze. When temperatures drop below freezing, homeowners should adequately insulate water pipes and keep an eye on them.

Growing roots – Tree roots that are growing in your yard might put a strain on your pipes. This excessive pressure can cause pipe bursts. Once roots have gained access to an underground pipe, they keep growing and put pressure on it until it eventually explodes. To stop this it’s important to plant trees far away from underground water pipes. If you have doubts that roots have already accessed your water lines, call a professional La Mesa Plumber immediately without further delay. A La Mesa Plumber from Professional Company will use a camera probe to inspect your lines for clogs and breaks thereby fixing them instantly.

Rusting or corrosion of pipes – Metal pipes is prone to rust from ongoing exposure. Metal plumbing pipes can rust over time, weakening pipe walls, couplings, and seals. Little cracks form in the pipes as a result of this corrosion, which might eventually cause a full rupture.

Corrosion can be identified in pipes by discolouration or warping. Another common indication of rusty plumbing is yellow or brownish water pouring out of your faucets. It’s time to call a plumber to investigate the situation if you see discolouration, warping, or discoloured water in your pipes.

Clogging inside the pipe – Pressure can build up inside a pipe when a clog forms. Water continues to back up when a water line is clogged. This further increases the water pressure in your piping system, which can eventually lead to minor leaks and a complete rupture. Even a minor clog left unresolved can cause problems.

Hard Water – Water is naturally rich in minerals. When there is an excess of magnesium and calcium content in water it is called hard water. Even though hard water is safe to drink but it can cause plumbing problems as minerals can accumulate inside pipes, decelerating the flow of water and eventually corroding and weakening the pipelines. A water treatment system that removes calcium and magnesium from water should be installed to prevent the damage caused by hard water.

Changes in the soil condition – Changes in soil conditions can cause damage to underground water pipes. This is common when construction or landscaping is completed. Tectonic activity in the soil causes the earth around pipes to shift and put pressure on them, increasing the likelihood of a pipe burst.

Temperature fluctuations are also responsible for the pipes to expand and contract very quickly, thereby causing damage. This may occur mostly when underground pipes are not buried sufficiently deep.

Water Pressure – Excessive water pressure in the home is a major source of pipe damage, leaks, and water waste. Water pipes can withstand a certain maximum level of water pressure.

If you have doubt that your water pressure is too high, use a hose bib gauge.  If the water pressure in your home is too high, a La Mesa plumber can install a pressure-reducer valve to lower it to safe levels.

Unexpected Damages – A burst pipe is sometimes caused by simple human error. Never use exposed pipes in basements or utility rooms to hang items. Even light items can put pressure on pipes, leading to cracks or complete ruptures. Breaking a water pipe inside a wall or underground while doing home renovations or landscaping is very common.

Poor Installation – Poor installation is another cause for burst pipes, which can occur when they are installed by someone who lacks professional training and experience. A faulty soldering job or loose connections can easily result in a pipe burst.

La Mesa Plumbers’ Advice on Severe Pipe Burst

A burst pipe is most people’s worst nightmare. If the leak remains undetected, it can cause a huge money loss. If a pipe burst is detected, act quickly to limit the damage. The first step is to turn off the main water supply to your home and use a vacuum if there is any minor water pooling you can see. Turn off any electrical appliances near the leak if it is safe to do so.

Repairing a burst pipe requires plumbing knowledge, soldering skills and proper tools. Hiring a skilled La Mesa plumber from Professional Company  is the best way to ensure that repairs are completed quickly and correctly. Their  technicians carry years of plumbing skills and expertise. They are aware of the fact that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, hence they offer emergency La Mesa plumbers services without any extra charges. The service charge they promise at the beginning is what the customer needs to pay at the end.

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