Playschools In Jaipur With Best Infrastructure For Pre-Primary Kids


Playschool in Jaipur should provide infrastructure to the students that should design to suit the young, eager and every time playing behavior and keeping in mind that they have a curious and explorative nature. A playschool should always promote kids learning through activities that should be fun and cheer to kids. Every playschool should have a clean, colorful interior that should be a perfect mix with the atmosphere for the kids to react and gain the necessary skills. The classroom should have all kinds of safety and should not have any toxic toys.

So, here are some points that you should know before selecting any playschool for your kid:-

1. Classroom

Every playschool needs to be educational, safe and should always be engaging for kids. A classroom should be multifunctional, attractive, large, engaging and should be safe for kids. When all the students are present inside the class, it shouldn’t feel crowded there should have a fewer number of students inside the class so that teachers can focus on every kid present there. The classroom should be spacious, well designed, well-ventilated and should feel what each space is for. All the furniture therein classrooms like tables, chairs, storage units, etc., are all designed and selected to support young kid’s independence in routine care, play, and learning activities.

2. Play area

In school, there should be a play area for kids because it is that place where kids learn by playing and start exploring new things. The play area should fill with all the possible opportunities for a child to enjoy their playtime differently.

a. Outdoor

This place should be a comfort zone for kids with a variety of play equipment where kid’s imaginations and creativity come to reality. The school can have an area where they can play with water to get more fun and remove the fear of water. Teachers should ensure that children divided into groups, and there is no overcrowding at any place. Teachers and support staff should be present there with kids all the time.

b. Indoor

Every playschool should have a vast range of educational toys which helps the kids to gain different skills which can help them in their future. Inside the indoor play area, teachers should teach them to share, take turns to play and clean the field after the play. By this, a kid can learn social skills while having fun.

3. Activity Room

The activity room is that room where a kid can explore something new and create a new invention. Schools should provide kids with different equipment which should be safe for them and with the help of them, they can make something unique. In these rooms, teaches should come up with some new activity and games in which there should be learning, and kids can have fun all together. Teachers should also plan a secession for storytelling or activity that helps kids to overcome their stage fear at this stage only.

4. Thinking Growth Toys

In every school, there should be these kinds of toys because it helps kids to learn and explore more by this. These toys help in increasing the area of a kid’s thinking, which allows them to think of an idea which most probably out of the box. Schools should have different toys which make kids curious about each and everything. Schools should not only have constructive playthings, but they can have toys that enhance their creativity and boost their thinking process.

5. Transport

School should have their busses that should be fully air-conditioned and should be supported by mobile phones, and the bus should equip with GPRS, and there should be well-trained drivers and conductors. And there should be a teacher or a staff member responsible for kids escort.

6. Safety and Security

School management should be highly concerned about the safety of kids within the school premises. In every school, there should be well-maintained CCTV surveillance for the entire school inside the classrooms and outside also. The entry and exit gates should have guards for sloping any authorized access inside the school. Schools should have other equipment for the safety fo the students like circuit breakers, smoke detectors, fire fighting equipment, etc., should be installed inside the school to make the complete security and safety of the school foolproof.

These are some points mentioned above about what all should a playschool should have in their infrastructure like a well-maintained classroom, playing are both outdoor and indoor, activity room, transportation with all safety and security. A parent should check all these facilities that a playschool is providing because it’s just not about the school; it’s about your kid’s future. No one wants to risk their kid’s future.

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