Pampering your Scalp, The Ultimate Secret to Beautiful Hair

Pampering your scalp

One would tend to think that it is not necessarily necessary to treat your scalp if it is not sensitive, or does not have dandruff , irritation or itching. Big mistake ! It is indeed important to take care of this part of the epidermis, as we do with our body or our face (which we clean and moisturize on a daily basis!). Besides, pampering your scalp and keeping it healthy is the key to having beautiful hair . According to a recent study conducted by Head & Shoulders, specialist in hair care, a healthy scalp gives us stronger, thicker hair; while an irritated scalp, damaged, in particular by dandruff, weakens the hair, which also becomes finer and duller. So what are the right things to do to finally take care of your scalp as it should? Follow the leader.

And this will be done at the same time, and with your shampoo. So prefer gentle products that do not attack and pay attention to the composition. If you have a problematic scalp, you can also bet on formulas adapted to your problem. For example, if you have a dry scalp that causes itchiness and dandruff, turn to a suitable shampoo that will help the scalp shed its many dead cells and soothe it. Are you prone to excess sebum on the scalp? Take a purifying product, specially made for oily roots. Those with a sensitive scabs on scalp will prefer shampoos with soothing and hypoallergenic active ingredients. Be careful, if you use a specific product to treat your scalp problems, alternate every 3 or 4 washes with a mild shampoo to offer a detox break to your hair between treatments. Finally, just because your shampoo is hydrating doesn’t mean you need to skip the conditioner. Bet on a nourishing and protective product for a complete hair routine.

If you have a problematic scalp, you can also combine washing with the application of a treatment mask once a week to treat your problem. Here is an ideal homemade mask for scalps with dandruff:

Moisturize the scalp

As explained a little above: moisturizing our face and our body is an essential step in our daily beauty routine. Also take the time to pamper your scalp, which is just as in need of hydration. For this, offer him at the rate of once a week a treatment full of nutritious active ingredients with a hydrating mask that you can also do yourself.

How to rid the scalp of its impurities? With a scrub!

Once a week, take a few minutes to scrub the scalp before shampooing. This will help rid it of its many impurities (dust, pollution particles, shampoo residue, perspiration, dead cells, sebum, etc.). There are exfoliating products commercially available but, if you’re a fan of home made, you can also make your homemade scrub by mixing sugar with vegetable oil for normal hair (such as argon oil or the olive oil, preferably organic) or a little honey if you have a dry scalp. Place the paste obtained line by line on the skull and massage your scalp in circular movements. Rinse and shampoo as you normally would.

A head massage for good blood circulation

This is THE moment we prefer at the hairdresser … why not treat yourself from time to time, after an exhausting day, a head massage? Nothing like it to take off the roots of the hair, activate the blood circulation of the scalp and give it a real suppleness … but above all: nothing like to relax! An essential gesture that is good for our scalp and our morale.

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