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Cryptocurrency came to the forefront of our minds when Bitcoin became popular in 2009. Digital currencies have created quite a name in the last few years, even though their future and stability are constantly debated. Crypto businesses such as crypto trading apps and financial services companies offering crypto-based products are thriving. And crypto marketing has never been more vital than in this day and age. Marketing is an integral part of creating a successful cryptocurrency project due to the intense competition within the market. Crypto marketing agency are companies that can handle this element of the project, helping drive visibility and improve results – making them a great tool to use in today’s operating environment.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are a development that have come to the forefront of our minds only in recent years. It’s an industry that’s ever-evolving and continuously improving – not everyone can keep up. This is where MONALICA comes in. As SEO and marketing experts, we help crypto businesses become agile with their marketing and develop in a sustainable way.

‍SEO and marketing experts, such as us, can:

• develop your brand credibility in the industry,

• double your website traffic,

• generate organic leads using tried-and-tested SEO techniques,

• lower your bounce rate,

• and improve ROI and overall performance.

MONALICA builds and systematically implements creative solutions and ideas for blockchain brands.

• Branding, Brand Strategy

• Video Production Animation

• Web Development

• Web3 Applications

• Full Stack NFT Collection

• Full Stack Digital Product Design

• UX/UI Design

• Smart Contracts

• Marketing Strategy

• Guerrilla Marketing

• Ads Viral Campaigns

We create valuable experiences with our team of blockchain professionals who have worked with some of the world’s finest brands.

How we do crypto marketing for you

We use a combination of inbound marketing methods and our SEO expertise to help your crypto business improve page ranking on search engines and boost brand visibility.

‍For SEO, it’s a matter of doing four processes the right way:

• fix your website’s technical issues, such as slow desktop and mobile page speed.

• Optimise your pages based on search terms relevant to your target audience.

• Create high-quality content that is SEO optimised and useful to your audience.

• Build appropriate links both internally between your web pages and externally with other reputable websites.

Apart from SEO, we are experts in digital marketing and in building tailor-made strategies for high-growth businesses. To market your crypto business and launch successful marketing campaigns,

• we do a thorough market analysis of the crypto and blockchain industry before launch,

• we identify your target audience and competitors in the industry,

• we set realistic goals for your business alongside KPIs for measuring performance,

• and work hard to deliver results – not just empty promises.

We are a marketing agency with experience in growing crypto and blockchain businesses organically, using robust inbound marketing methods and SEO.

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