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Finding it difficult to select the ideal SEO agency for your organization?. You really have to be practical to find a trusted SEO freelancer. An irrational decision not only will put a hole in your pocket but also waste valuable time which a non-competitive person will waste. It is quite unfortunate that the Search engine optimization industry is surrounded by people who follow fraudulent practices. Several SEO’s do low quality work. The old website optimisation tricks of 1990’s don’t work in today’s time If you hire someone non-competitive then obviously they will do things which are not right for your site and you will pay the price. The traditional search engine optimization tricks of the 1990s don’t work in today’s time. But agencies and freelancers still follow them and hence no results are achieved for the business.

Why you should never hire SEO Firm blindly

In Forth month on the year 2012, Google unveiled Google penguin, one of the automated link penalty update which impacted sites with link farms. Those web-sites which did not follow the webmaster guidelines on backlinks were impacted by this upgrade. We all knew that this was coming as Google earlier also penalized websites. They used to penalize the websites by manually penalizing them. Link building using software used to work well and clients were also happy with quick results, but unfortunately, it was hammered by Google. I can assure that if you use black hat tactics for backlink building then Google will penalize the site. The search engine penalties are not something that cannot be recovered. With the right details and steps, this can be fixed. The biggest dilemma is your SEO freelancer who will erase all of the emails in the search console for any penalty. This way, you will be blindfolded and never find out the reason for your website not ranking well on Google. Coming out of the penalty will not be easy even if you think of changing your digital marketing company. Reports make life easy for organizations to discover concerns and alternatives, however, without reports, many people will have difficulties.

Just 3 things to expect from a reliable Digital Marketing Agency

1)On-Site SEO.

SEO strategy is critical. Search engine optimization is an organic channel that grows with time.

It is not like Google PPC. PPC will help you generate business leads in no-time by putting your advert on page one of Google. This also has a display network where your ads will be displayed on various other websites which are in Google Network. The best technique to do search engine optimization or most secure search engine optimization for the web site is identified as white hat SEO. It really is a true approach to do SEO. On-page components of the site like content, meta title, meta description, the header tag, and web site speed play a crucial role in white hat search engine optimization. Our recommendation is to check if your current SEO provider is actually carrying out work on these on-site and technical SEO things.

2)Cleaver Link Strategy

Ranking on high competition keywords requires supplemental effort and backlinks. Building links is different nowadays where anyone needs a marketing person to connect with bloggers like a PR expert. It would be great to learn from your SEO provider about their technique of creating links. Reports for the type of back-links, it’s DA, PA, and site visitors should be checked regularly. Good quality of backlinks is a lot more crucial in Search engine optimization than the number of backlinks developed by your SEO organization. I say this because finding a fantastic website link needs a great deal of communication with all the bloggers and may take a lot of time (possibly 4-8 hrs) to acquire even 1 link for the site which often carries even more value than 100’s of low-quality links.

3) On-page & Off-Page Reporting

When you work with a qualified SEO freelancer then they will always share regular reports for all on-site and off-site jobs completed on the website. on-page SEO should be reported in a report by your SEO freelancer|It would be good to have reported in Google docs about on-site changes. I prefer Google docs due to real-time tracking convenience. Reports are generally critical to track the results of any SEO plan. All of the back-links which are created for the website should be in a Google Spreadsheet with login information or details of the website webmasters. By any chance, if you need to review the live backlinks, the report will be very beneficial.

This is Very Important

An excellent SEO expert is always transparent in reporting. I feel completely sorry about companies who consider working with SEO freelancer according to just the costing. Lastly, I can say that it is your company, your firm and you are the one who has to take a decision to employ someone with much less or more knowledge. You need someone who is affordable or who has an excellent past record. As a realistic buyer, I hope you will take the appropriate choice.

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