Landscape Lighting- 6 Benefits of Installing Low Voltage Lights

Landscape Lighting- 6 Benefits of Installing Low Voltage Lights

With increasing trends in decoration and accessories, you can now see smart electricals being used by the homeowners to reap maximum benefits out of it with a decreasing cost. One of the prominent example of beauty with functionality is the low voltage landscape lighting. It offers a pleasant alternative to the glaring floodlights and can be positioned strategically to accent plants, furnishings, and other features that you want to highlight.

The biggest advantage of using low voltage landscape lighting is they are energy-efficient and are powered by the electricity in the range of 10 to 12 Volts. It can brilliantly illuminate exteriors or anything that you want to throw light on- paths, steps, deck, dark zones and outside sitting areas. When placed artfully, they can blend well with the landscape, giving a natural effect.

Besides these low voltage landscape lights being energy-efficient and cost-effect, are easy to install, safer to use and have a long lifespan. To know more, read the benefits of using landscape lighting given below-

1) Minimum heat contribution- Incandescent lights and bulb fixtures consume more voltage and emit a higher amount of heat. Such bulbs, when placed near sensitive plants, can burn them and can cause mishaps. On the other hand, low voltage outdoor lights are designed in a way that they contribute to thermal reduction. It makes them safer to install anywhere, even near the sensitive plants and furnishings. Gradually, you will notice that placing these lights and running them for long will not heat them, which, in turn, will improve the energy-efficiency.

2) Energy-efficient lights- Since these lights run on low voltage- 20 per cent of the voltage used by incandescent halogen bulbs, they are high in energy-efficiency. These lights consume less amount of electricity and provide higher output as compared to other bulb fixtures.

3) Offers security- Being low in voltage they are safer to install and emit light that can cover a large area of your park. Such bright lights that run on low energy can keep the burglars away who trytohide behind the bushes and canopy of trees.

4) Environmental-friendly- As the world is taking steps towards energy conservation, your minimal efforts can further add to protecting the environment. Many homeowners are adopting to low voltage energy-efficient landscape lighting during their landscaping lighting renovation projects. Many landscape contractors are guiding homeowners to stick to such cost-effective options for the betterment.

5) Safer and durable option- Since they do not heat up quickly and radiate extra amount of heat, they become a safer option for your landscaping. Secondly, these lights have a long span as compared to other bulbs because of the low thermal energy emission.

6) Highly versatile- Low voltage landscape lighting can be fixed easily and requires small connections as compared to other bulbs. Which means they can be fixed at those places in your where other bulbs were hard to place. Moreover, these lights come in different styles, designs and sizes that go well with your landscaping.

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