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Shooting fish KUBET is the hottest fish shooting game for real money today. The game is updated at most online bookies and is extremely popular with players. The game has become the search trend of young people today because you can make money easily from this game itself.

A reputable place for players to choose is the Ku casino the casino hall of KUBET. This playground has been rated by more than 1 million members as having the most perfect service and quality. Not only offers many incentives, but also large-scale investment in technologies. To bring the most eye-catching and unique games to members.

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So what has made players so interested in shooting fish games? What benefits will members enjoy playing at the Kubet? The following article will answer all of the above questions.

KUBET fish shooting game and things to know

What is a fish shooting game?

Fish shooting game KUBET is an online game. In this game, the player will adjust the gun available in the game. Then adjust the shooting direction and shoot the fish with the same value as the point and money will be received.

For this game, players can play on the website interface, and there is also an app for phones. However, betting on the phone is still preferred because of the convenience. You can shoot fish anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone connected to the network.

What are the advantages of playing shooting fish at KUBET?

Each house will have its own strengths, and KUBET also has the following outstanding advantages:

● Play KUBET shooting fish, players will easily play on 2 web and phone interfaces

● The configuration and graphics of the eye-catching useless fish shooting game. Beautiful pictures and funny sounds. Players seem to immerse themselves in the vast space of the endless ocean. Immerse yourself in the beautiful and fascinating sea animals.

● The dealer’s line has never disappointed players. Despite all the large numbers of players, they still, maintain a tight line when playing.

● The diversity of marine fishes and marine animals is equivalent to different levels of money.

● The service of points up and recharge is extremely easy and fast. This always makes players satisfied and come back to play again.

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● The payout ratio is high compared to other bookies. This is also the reason why the house attracts countless players to register for membership.

● In the game, it is easy to shoot special fishes. The opportunity to receive mystical boxes or golden dragons, and get a lot of money in the account.

Description of the bonus in the shooting game

There will be two types of bonuses in the game, which are:

*JP Accumulated Bonus Type

● In the fish shooting game, the accumulated bonuses will include Grand, Mega, and Mini. Players can check this cumulative bonus every time they log into the game.

● As long as the player achieves 1 of the 3 types of JP accumulation as above, they will receive all the corresponding bonuses.

● Chance for the player to win accumulative bonus when gold glitter drop effect appears.

*Lucky Bonus Type

● Every player can activate the lucky bonus while playing.

Learn about the mysterious treasure box of shooting fish game

● Activation of the mysterious treasure box will be random as the player proceeds to play

● You will click on the mysterious treasure box if the box appears. Then you will have a chance to get a big bonus

● While opening the mysterious box, if there is a loss of life, the system will consider the final result. However, the system will not have any compensation for the above case.

● The dealer will also not compensate if the member’s device is faulty when opening the treasure box.

Bonus level of fishes in KUBET fish shooting game

Each fish species will correspond to a different number of points. The value will be from small to large, corresponding to different eating rates. The player who shoots anyone will eat the point immediately based on the ratio of each type.

*Fish usually include the following types:

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*Goldfish inclue the following types:

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*Special fish include the following types:

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The golden dragon appears, which is also when the player needs to aim there to shoot down. 

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When shooting down, the player will be rewarded according to the reward rate of KUBET.

+ Bonus spin when the golden dragon appears

When playing fish shooting at Ku casino, you will catch a golden dragon, then you will be rewarded as follows:

● The system automatically spins the prize and you will receive the specified amount. Or you can go to the next round to continue drawing prizes.

● All skins and fortresses will also stop when the above spin appears.

● This spin will also calculate the number of bullets that the player hits to calculate the bonus amount.

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Special weapon in KUBET fish shooting game

*Weapon 1: Electromagnetic Cannon

This is a firecracker with an extremely wide range, which can kill many types of fish in a short time.

The electromagnetic cannon function will only be activated once by the player. Once activated, each player will have 3 seconds to control the cannon to shoot in different directions to receive additional bonuses.

*Weapon 1: Set Bomb

This type of dance gas provides extremely high efficiency. When the player activates this weapon, all the fish that appear on the screen will explode. After that, the bonus will be returned to the player’s wallet.

This weapon can also only be activated once by the player.

Free Game mode

Some new players won’t know this. That is, when you shoot jellyfish, the system will automatically switch to this model.

● The machine will automatically randomly select the number of jellyfish

● In the free game mode, there will be 300 bullets for free. Players must use all 300 of these pills within 1 minute only. If it cannot be completed within 1 minute, the system will switch to automatic fire mode. At that time, you will only be able to adjust the direction of the shot.

● If the case is firing, the system loses connection. Then it will be based on the final result calculated. Ammo that has not been used will also not be counted.

Steps to play shooting fish at KUBET

After registering to become an official member, players will log in to their accounts. Then proceed to top up and score into the game. The next step is to access the Game section select Shoot Fish 3D

Then, the system will display the fish shooting game interface. From there you will see a BUTTON that guides the operations in the game. You can click on it to see how to play. After you have mastered the steps, you will proceed to shoot fish simply and easily. vvkcm

Where is the most prestigious place to play shooting fish today?

Currently, the demand for playing fish shooting games is extremely high. It seems that players have been completely immersed in this profit-making playground. Just playing for fun and taking money back to your account, why not be greedy.

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In fact, finding a quality bookie to play today is also wisdom. It is not possible to choose a playground that we do not know anything about. To choose a bookie, it is necessary for players to take the time to learn and rely on the general evaluation to search.

Currently, the most searched keyword for fish shooting game is the house KUBET or shooting fish KUBET. The number of searches is quite large and finding the actual experience is not small. The reason why players choose to play shooting fish at KUBET, is that let’s find out the details below.

Shoot fish safely

Here, players will be able to play in the most entertaining and comfortable way. Legal issues have been taken care of by the house. Moreover, when winning a large amount, the house will pay fairly.

App betting to shoot smart fish

The fish shooting app has been responded to by a large number of players. With many convenient features and simplifying all operations, making members extremely satisfied.

Especially, suitable for both ios and android operating systems, the steps to download the app to the device are extremely simple.

High reward rate

When playing the game here, players will have the opportunity to win prizes up to 1:1000. Besides, there are 3 different types of jackpot prizes if the mermaid appears. There are many types of valuable fish along with the appearance of golden dragons that offer the opportunity to earn more money for you. If you shoot the jellyfish, the free game mode appears, helping you increase your profits. This is the land of money for gamers who love shooting fish in 3D.

Configuration, easy-to-see graphics

To give players a pleasant feeling, but not boring. The system has provided a unique fish shooting game configuration and eye-catching graphics for players. Pictures and sounds are lively, and fun, creating a sense of entertainment. The variety of fish will surprise you and do not want to take your eyes off the screen.

Quick deposit and withdrawal

At Kubet, players will deposit and score in just 3 minutes. Then quickly enter the game to play to your heart’s content.

Because the house has linked with all Vietnamese banks. That is an advantage for transactions to take place quickly and smoothly. The deposit and withdrawal steps are also as simple as possible. Because the house understands the psychology of players, if it is too difficult, they will give up and lose customers. Therefore, you will be completely satisfied when experiencing these services here.

Customer service 24/7

It is impossible to avoid problems in the steps of registration, scoring, or withdrawing money… Many new players will be extremely surprised and need the help of the support staff.

Players should rest assured, that there is an extremely enthusiastic support team. You ask and we will answer and answer the questions you have. Detailed instructions to help customers complete as quickly as possible.

Kubet promotion

It is indispensable for incentive programs to attract a large number of members. Kubet played big and gave many great gifts to customers. 

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Promotion details are as follows:

● Give players 128K Free Bet if you become a member

● For the first deposit, the house will give an extra 50% when the minimum deposit is 100,000 VND

● For the second deposit, the house will give an extra 20% when the minimum deposit is VND 1000,000

● Maximum promotion amount up to 500,000 VND

● For players with a deposit amount of more than 5 million VND. Then you will definitely receive 1 out of 5 premium gifts from the house.

● The list of premium gifts is as follows: Sports watch, mini Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth air pro headset, wireless fast charger, and universal power bank.

To receive the offers Above, it’s very simple, players just need to register for an account and continue to register to receive the house’s promotions. The number of gifts is also limited, please take advantage of the time to register quickly to avoid missing this great opportunity.


Shooting fish at KUBET is an experience that any player should not ignore. Rated as the most attractive and interesting game in the 3D gaming village today. This is the game that gives you extremely high entertainment, and healthy. Beside with fish shooting, we also have the sport betting, casino online, kubet lottery, … give our players an excited entertaiment playground to experienced.  Especially when playing at this house, you will feel the difference completely. The level of a reputable bookie will bring the quality of service to a perfect level. Make sure players will always be satisfied and become loyal members of this playground.

With the criteria, safe, fast, convenient, and smart from the app, the system has brought an interesting and unique fish shooting address. Besides the incentive programs mentioned above, the bookie will update more attractive promotion packages every day, in accordance with the tastes of customers. Always receive feedback from players to become the best version among the bookies today.

KUBET hopes to always accompany our members, optimize customers’ profits, to become Asia’s No. 1 entertainment paradise today.


Address: Số 57 P. Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: 0965522361

Homepage: https://kubet77.win/ 

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