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        Entertainment: Together with his younger brother Yang Min-Suk, Yang Hyun-Suk, a former member of the first-generation K-pop group Sea Tajik and Boys, started YG Entertainment in March 1996. The hip-hop group Keep Six served as the company’s first artist. Yang focused on the Jensen duo when they struggled to gain fame, and in 1998, 1TYM made its debut. Yang attributes the rise of YG Entertainment and the hip hop subgenre to both of these great musicians.

The musicians of YG Entertainment collaborated on an album that was published in 1999 under the moniker YG Family. Following that, the label issued music from musicians including Perry Swift, Big Mama, Laxly, Gummy, and Wheezing. The “YG Underground” label, which included 45RPM and Stony Skunk, was also founded. . A second YG Family album was published in 2001. It included a number of people, including the trainee G-Dragon, who was then 13 years old.

With its first “idol” artist, Seven, the agency enjoyed success in both Korea and Japan in 2003. Seven was the company’s first artist to attempt to enter the US music business as a result of his popularity; however his US debut lacked traction.

After Seven’s breakthrough, YG Entertainment focused on creating Big Bang, its first idol group, in 2006. The group had a mixed response at first, but their breakthrough the following year and ongoing success have made them one of the biggest and most bankable boy bands in the world. The female group 2NE1 followed them after their debut in 2009. Both bands have had successful careers in Japan, much like seven.

In 2010, YG Entertainment relocated to a new structure in a widely publicized shift, with the former offices being converted into a training center. Despite a rise in earnings in 2009, the company’s application for listing on the stock exchange was rejected the same year. It was assumed that this was because the business had too few active music groups and an inconsistent cash flow. Later in the year, pays, a well-known performer, was signed by the company.

With a net gross of more than 50%, YG Entertainment released its first annual report in 2012 after becoming public on the KOSDAQ in 2011. The company also signed rapper and producer Table, the front man of the hip hop group Erik High, in 2012. Table was resuming his musical career after taking a break due to the Stanford issue.

As a result of Pay’s “Gang am Style” becoming a viral video in 2012, YG achieved prominence on a global scale. “Gang am Style” debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Music Video Charts on August 21 after ranking first on YouTube’s “Most Viewed Videos” monthly list on August 14. For a South Korean artist, this achievement was unique. By November 24, “Gang am Style” has surpassed all previous YouTube records for views. The song was cited as the primary factor in the more than 60% increase in YG Entertainment’s share prices.

Additionally in 2012, epic. High got a deal with YG Entertainment as a result of Table, the band’s leader, finding success there. Yang Hyun-Suk has made reappearance on television by serving as a judge on the reality singing competition K-pop Star. Here   he inked a record contract with Lee Hi, the first-season runner-up of the competition. Other contestants were signed as possible boy group members for the label’s next projects.

On the second season of the programmer, the agency signed both the champions, the brother-sister combo Kalong Musician, and the runner-up, Bang Ye-dam.

The reality television show WIN: Who is Next, which debuted in 2013, featured two teams of male trainees competing against one another for the opportunity to sign a deal with the label and make their debut as the business’s next boy band. The boy band Winner, which made their debut in 2014, came to prominence towards the end of the reality series.

The employees and performers of T Entertainment, including Cha Sung-won, I’m Ye-jinn, and Jang Hyun-sung, were bought by YG Entertainment in 2014. Models Lee Sung-kiang and Nam Joo-hyuk made their acting debuts thanks to the expansion of the acting section through the acquisition of modeling agency K-Plus. Choi Jim-woo, an actress, and YG also entered into a deal. Later, YG Entertainment would get an investment of up to US$80 million from L Capital Asia, the private equity division of French luxury conglomerate LVMH. With an 11.5% interest, L Capital Asia, which has its headquarters in Singapore, overtook Yang Hyun-Suk, who holds a 28% stake, as the second-largest shareholder in YG. 2014 saw YG Entertainment launch the cosmetics line Moonshot, marking the company’s entry into the beauty sector.

In 2015, YG Entertainment spent around US$100 million in a brand-new industrial complex in Gyeonggi-do that includes recording studios, performance venues, and leisure and tourism complex. By December 2018, the complex should be finished. In order to expand its headquarters, KRW16 billion (US$14 million) worth of real estate in Seoul was also bought. Two sub-labels were also established by the firm in that year; the first was run by Table, and the second was run by YG producers Teddy Park of 1TYM and Kush of Stony Skunk. Additionally, the losers from the reality competition WIN: Who is Next, who was forced to split up after losing, got back together and made their debut as icon along with a new member.

First-generation K-pop boy band SECHSKIES joined forces with YG in May 2016 to restart their career, sixteen years after the group’s dissolution. Chinese tech companies Ten cent and Wearying Technology made an investment in YG for US$85 million in the same month. Ten cent acquired a 4.5% share, while Wearying acquired an 8.2% stake in the business. Later, YG included Lee Jong-Suk. Add Kim Hee-jung and Kang Dong-won to their roster of actors.

The four-member BLACKPINK made their debut as YG Entertainment’s newest female group in August 2016 (after 2NE1 in 2009).

Nam Tae-exit hymn’s from Winner and the dissolution of 2NE1 were both confirmed by YG Entertainment in November 2016.

Partnerships Distribution of music

       Records from YG Entertainment are distributed by:

As of 2019, YG PLUS (globally), Kakapo Entertainment (Specific releases only) – Korea, South

China Ten cent YGEX Japan (online only)

WMG – Asia-Pacific (Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.)

Europe, Oceania, North America, and Japan (for BLACKPINK & Jean so-“The mi.’s Black Label exclusively”) are served UMG. by Inters cope

Warner Music Philippines, MCA Music Philippine, and Universal Records (up until 2012) all operate in the Philippines.

The Genie


            YG, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Star Empire Entertainment, Media line, CAN Entertainment, and Music Factory are the three largest record labels in Korea. In March 2010, they joined forces to form KMP Holdings, a service platform that aims to offer digital music distribution and television programmer productions. It was assumed that this was a threat to Met Media and LOEN Entertainment’s monopoly on music distribution in Korea. [Reference required] KT Music bought KMP Holdings in November 2012. The seven organizations that make up KMP Holdings entered into a joint bond venture in January 2014 and bought 13.48% of the equity in KT Music, leaving parent firm KT Corporation with 49.99%.

         According to reports, the K-pop trio BLACKPINK will quit YG Entertainment and join The Black Label.

BLACKPINK, a K-pop girl group, may depart YG Entertainment, according to reports. They could join The Black Label, according to reports.


Briefly, according to rum ours, Black pink may depart YG Entertainment.

Taiyuan had already joined The Black Label after leaving the label.

Icon, a K-pop group, also quit the label.

Web Desk for India Today Unquestionably, one of the most well-known K-pop groups in the world is BLACKPINK. As part of their Born Pink World Tour, the four-member girl group has been travelling around Asia, Europe, and America. In the midst of all, rum ours claim that the ladies’ exclusive deal with their label, YG Entertainment, will be coming to an end.


              According to rum ours, YG Entertainment controls The Black Label, a subsidiary label, to a degree ranging from 20 to 50%. According to a YG Entertainment insider, they are unable to confirm the rum ours. We still have contracts with the members, but I’m not in a position to corroborate the rum ours. Whether they will sign with The Black Label once their contracts expire is difficult to predict.

YG Entertainment releases a statement on BLACKPINK’s departure.

K-pop group BLACKPINK apparently has exit plans. Entertainment YG

A formal statement from YG Entertainment has been made in response to rum ours that BLACKPINK is leaving.

The management film reportedly stated that “BLACKPINK will not quit label YG Entertainment,” according to The Korea Herald’s article from January 1.

Additionally, the representative of the music agency dismissed rum ours that BLACKPINK will join The Black Label, a division of YG led by producer Teddy.

The K-pop girl group BLACKPINK recently announced that they will be leaving their current agency YG Entertainment and switching their managing company to THE BLACK LABEL.

A YG Entertainment representative said that “We still have contracts with the members, albeit I’m not in a position to confirm if the story is true. It’s difficult to predict if they will

sign with The Black Label once their contract expires.”

Why do they go under the name BLACKPINK?

            The group was created by YG Entertainment as part of the well-known K-pop trainee system in South Korea. The members had to go through an audition process with the entertainment company to become “trainees” or pupils with the intention of one day making their recording debut. When BLACKPINK made its debut, their record company YG Entertainment stated that the name was meant to imply that the group had more than just beauty; there was also a hardness.

“The meaning of BLACKPINK is to reject the usual concept of the colour pink,” the statement said. .;Pink is frequently used to convey attractiveness, but BLACKPINK is actually trying to convey that being attractive isn’t everything. Additionally, it represents the fact that they are a group that combines both brilliance and beauty.”

What sets BLACKPINK apart from other K-pop stars?

              Less than 20 songs, all singles, were released by BLACKPINK between their 2016 debut and the release of The Album in 2020. Despite having a limited record, the group’s glam aesthetic and entertaining dancing were immediately imitated in social media videos by other K-pop artists and fans.

   The group’s captivating stage presence, songs with multilingual lyrics that discuss vulnerability and independence, and songs themselves account for a large portion of BLACKPINK’s success. BLACKPINK is renowned for their distinctive video “concepts” or style for each song. BLACKPINK frequently has five or six entirely distinct ideas (complete with varied hair colors and attire) in their music videos, as opposed to the two or three themes that some K-pop videos may have. Have in their video

Who are BLACKPINK’s members?


              BLINKs frequently describe Kim Jisoo as “adorable,” a vocalist (the official name of BLACKPINK fans). She has a reputation for being steady and composed as well as for balancing odd items on her head or shoulders. She appeared in earlier videos with a trophy or cup on her head. Jisoo performed in advertisements prior to BLACKPINK and has been a cast member of the JTBC historical K-drama serial Snowdrop (which is also stream able on Disney+) since December 2021. The vocalist is the only member who does not speak English well, although she is also fluent in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Jisoo wowed the presenter during a 2019 visit on The Late Show with James Cordon with her unwavering composure.

With the arrival of her long-awaited solo album, which is anticipated later in 2023 following BLACKPINK’s projected Coachella headline appearance, Jisoo will soon join the rest of her comrades in a comfortable environment.

In January 2023, YG Entertainment released a statement confirming the noteworthy information.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is now working diligently on her solo album. She completed the album jacket picture shoot and worked on music production whenever she had time while managing a demanding international tour schedule since last year in order to fulfill the fans’ expectations. She has exciting news to share with her admirers soon.”


           Kim Jennie spent the longest time in the training program—nearly six years—of all the participants. Before returning to South Korea in 2010, Jennie resided in New Zealand. She speaks Japanese, Korean, and English fluently.. She was the first member of BLACKPINK to drop the solo song “SOLO” in 2018.

Jennie was chosen in 2021 to represent Hera, a cosmetics firm with its headquarters in Seoul. Under the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane, she will make her acting debut in the HBO drama The Idol in 2023 with Lily-Rose Depp. The Weekend, a musician, and Sam Levinson, the writer and director of the movie Euphoria, co-created the show.


      Park Chaeyoung (Rosé), who was reared in Australia and gave a YG Entertainment audition, was born in New Zealand. Rosé moved to South Korea to take part in the training programmer, and she quickly picked up Korean. She is the lead vocalist for the band, and according to fans, her distinctive voice is immediately identifiable. Rosé dazzled the audience—as well as Shakier herself—during a promotional engagement for The Album with her amazing rendition of the song “Wake Wake” from 2010.

In March 2021, Rosé released her debut solo album, R, which included the songs “On the Ground” and “Gone.”


Rapper and dancer Larisa (also spelled Manual) is well-known for her talents in both genres. Lisa (like Rosé) was born and raised in Thailand and learnt Korean after relocating to South Korea in 2011. Lisa is bilingual in Japanese and English. Lisa frequently uses her impromptu dance abilities during commercial appearances, giving the group viral moments.

In September 2021, Lisa published LALISA, her debut single album, which includes the songs “Larissa” and “Money.” The music video for the title song was recognized by Guinness World Records as the “most viewed YouTube music video by a solo artist in 24 hours” and the “highest watched YouTube music video by a solo K-pop artist in 24 hours” in 2022. It also won the MTV Video Music Award for best K-pop video.

Lisa discussed her process for picking the two tracks for her CD with Billboard.

“I was the one who first heard “Money,” and I immediately told Teddy, “Oh my God, Teddy poppa, I have to sing this song. I want this to be my solo song.” He then said, “OK, let’s do it” Larissa” was then played (an early version), although the hook was different: “She said. Teddy suggested putting my name in the hook. I initially thought, “Wham… I find it a little strange that you continually mentioning my name. What will it sound like? Then we gave it a try, and the results were amazing. I genuinely enjoy it.”

BLACKPINK has been a group for how long?

BLACKPINK made their music debut in 2016 with the release of the two-song, “Whistle” and “Boom ayah” only mini album Square One. BLACKPINK was the first girl group from YG Entertainment in seven years, therefore the launch received significant K-pop promotion. Boom ayah sprinted to the top of the Billboard World Digital Songs list with their debut single, “Boom ayah,” and their success grew with further releases the following year.

BLACKPINK once more garnered media attention in 2018 with their track “Dud-Du Dud-Du” off the EP Square Up. The trio expanded a few months later by collaborating with Due Lipan on the song “Kiss and Make Up.”

BLACKPINK was positioned by YG Entertainment for a worldwide audience through partnerships with Inters cope Records and In October 2018, Universal Music Group. BLACKPINK then concentrated on the American market with appearances on


                 The K-pop group BLACKPINK is reportedly leaving YG Entertainment to join The Black Label.

According to rum ours, the K-pop girl trio BLACKPINK may leave YG Entertainment. Reportedly, they might join The Black Label.

In a nutshell, our rum ours has it that Black Pink may leave YG Entertainment.

After quitting the label, Taiyuan had already joined The Black Label.

K-pop group Icon also left the label.

Web Desk for Today in India BLACKPINK is without a doubt one of the most well-known K-pop acts in the whole globe. The quartet of girls has been touring Asia, Europe, and America as part of their Born Pink World Tour. Rumor has claimed that the girls’ exclusive contract with their record company, YG Entertainment,

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