Jewellery Ideas For This Festive Season


With every upcoming festive season, there are months of positivity and euphoria amongst people. Infusing Indian jewellery and the charm of its classic designs with the festive attires is a different kind of kickstart to the rejoicing season. No matter, however, be the mindset everyone never ceases to plan their jewellery. Experience the goodness of matching the apparel with various jewellery designs and sparkle with the best trends. Read on to attain and get more ideas.

Kundan and Enamel Necklace with Earrings

A gorgeous Kundan necklace with a pair of earrings worked intricately with enamel add charm and also a sense of sophistication to the festival ambience. Kundan is in colours of highlights green and maroon stones on an array of boldly shining white stones. They are mostly bright coloured and elevates the mood with more positivity.

Uncut Semi-Precious Kundan Jewellery

A semi-precious Kundan neckpiece never fails to captivate the people around with the emerald green crystals. These are laced with simplicity as the uncut gold Kundan set is meticulously designed with white, red, and green stones. When layered with a big pendant, it stands out to match any Indian outfit. These jewellery pieces are ideal for festival attires in white, gold, peach and other radiant colours. 

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces add a glamour dash, and when worn as a choker, they are sure to escalate the look to the next level. Margarite pearl necklaces are the most preferred pearl necklace variety with peach-coloured stones embedded together. They look great on bright coloured sarees, and the pearl glint always creates a contemporary look. With other formal occasions, pair these jewellery pieces with a solid and plain saree or ethnic attire.

Half Moon Kundan or Round Pearl Earrings

Half-moon earrings are the popular earrings for any Indian festival look. They have the central flower usually studded with kundans and decorated with different colours of enamel. These earrings have two big rings, which are arranged with stones and attached to pearl danglers. Find out here how it creates the classical Indian impression and amplifies the festive energy wherever you go. These earring sets are perfect for light and pastel colour ensembles.

Round gold-tone pearl earrings with Kundan stones are made with a hollow moon-like ring and an elegant jhumka at their centre. The ring is permanently embedded with tiny dangling pearls to elevate the glow and accentuate the festive mood. These earrings look vibrant with the jhumka pattern and are excellent on ethnic attires like sarees and gowns. In addition, it goes well with any necklace or chain that complements its colour and material. 

Oversized Lakshmi Pendants 

Big and chunky Lakshmi pendants are a kind of antique and temple jewellery pattern famous amongst the south Indians in recent times. They are always bold and big and come in various designs. The Lakshmi pendants are attached with kaasu maala, maanga maala or even round antique beads to create a traditional look. 

Silver Jewellery

The antique patterns and temple jewellery designs are replicated in silver to cut down costs and look trendier. Pure silver with such intricate patterns is comparatively lesser in price than the ones made in pure gold. But these are widely preferred by young women to create a very modern statement look.


Though there are various designs and patterns to celebrate the festive season with fun and wilderness, the choice of the jewellery entirely depends on the person and their attire. Hence, with a broad knowledge of jewellery visit this site to rock the festive season by picking the right ones and bringing in more glamour to the show.

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