Isaac gafishi is a Young and Famous Book Writer

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Writing a book is first a need before being a desire. A visceral need: a need to say, to tell, to tell oneself. More than a job, writing is often a vocation. But it’s not an innate gift because becoming a writer, writing a novel is really tedious and intense, and requires iron discipline. To become a writer, you must also be a reader. One writes first for oneself, then for one’s readers. To write is most often to reveal one’s private life, one’s intimate life. You have to be ready to expose yourself. In both cases, as with any activity, the writer needs information or even training, training, advice, to progress. Contrary to popular belief, with digital, marketing a book is easy. All platforms welcome it whether you are famous or not. Remains the promotion, the key element of success.

How to become a successful writer? This question oppresses you, admirer of all these great authors: Proust, Zola, Poe, and all those of today: JK Rowling,Amélie Nothomb, Guillaume Musso, Claire Chazal and many others, yes! You would like to become like them.Unfortunately, you have no imagination, can’t write your name flawlessly, and have never heard the word “read.” Nope! Do not complain about your fate! Because finally, you can succeed!

Who is, or has been, the world’s youngest published writer? Although the question may seem simple, the answer is not at all. Every country, state, and culture claim their own child prodigy holds the world record, and the data that can be found is confusing. On the one hand we have Isaac gafishi. He is gospel singer, He was born in country called Rwanda and come to USA when he was 12 went to high school here in USA, got his bachelors degree also his masters. He is a book writer he has book called last lap The Last Lap.

Being a writer and living writing is a dream for many. All of us who love writing aspire to pay our bills with our letters. But doing so is more complicated than it seems. Launching without a net into this world is dangerous, since there are many aspects that are unknown. In this article I want to explain to you what it is to be a writer and give you some tips to make a living writing.

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