Is it possible to buy Instagram followers live and real

Is it possible to buy Instagram followers live and real

Online trading is gaining momentum and currently occupies a leading position. And one of the most successful sales platforms is the Instagram social network. As in any other field of this kind, buyers are needed here, and the first question arises: how to attract them? The easiest thing you can do is buy active followers on Instagram. Fortunately, the price for such services is pleasing: it ranges from 170 to 1500 rubles per thousand people. As you can see, we have not named any specific number, as they vary greatly on each site. We invite you to personally assess the situation on the market by looking at the prices of several sites we have selected:

  • – on the pages of this site you can find services for the sale of subscribers, costing from 22 rubles. For 100 accounts added to your profile. Of course, the price tag will vary depending on the volume of the order and the type of resource received. The site is always ready to offer customers good wholesale discounts, and you can also get into any regular promotion, which will further brighten up your stay on the service pages;
  • – here you can also buy Instagram followers for cheap. So, for example, for 100 pages you will pay no more than 20 rubles. In addition, the site will be able to guarantee you high-quality performance of your work, protection of your profile from write-offs, as well as the safety of any payment. For any question, you can contact the technical support of the service, after which operational qualified specialists will answer you and try to figure out any problem, suggesting the most effective options for solving it. This site is famous for its employees.
  • is a fairly popular site with a huge base of regular customers. Here, a hundred subscribers will also cost you around 20 rubles. In addition, if you pay attention, you will notice that the service offers to purchase the necessary resource for the same price with an additional bonus in the form of a different number of likes (depending on the order volume). Go to these sites, and also look for examples of other sites to personally familiarize yourself with the current price tags. So why does the pricing on commercial sites depend? First of all, it depends on the quality of the added accounts. Accordingly, let’s find out what options sites and services can offer us:
  • The cheapest option is bots. They will suit you when you need extras on your page. These are accounts of the lowest quality, with a blank page, maybe even without an avatar. But if you literally lack 100-200 followers for some purpose, then buying Instagram followers of this quality will be a reasonable decision. It is unlikely that someone will check your subscriptions, but be on the alert. The mass of bots should not exceed 30% of the total mass of the audience; otherwise the network administration may suspect something was wrong and block the page. And it will be very difficult to restore it later.
  • Offers are not better than bots in terms of activity, but pages of this quality are more complete, have the main photo and give the impression of “real”. They are taken from various exchanges, so in this case you will not be able to use targeting, for example.
  • Paid subscriptions are perhaps the best combination of price and quality. These are real people who subscribe to you for a fee. This option is suitable for those who want to buy active followers on Instagram and at the same time have a limited budget. It often happens that the information provided by the customer becomes interesting to such subscribers, and they begin to like, ask questions and generally be active in every possible way;
  • Well, the last, so to speak, the most expensive option is live users. The price for them is quite impressive, and buying them in bulk will be an expensive pleasure for you. But it is worth noting that this is the category in which you can select followers according to the criteria you need: city, country, gender, age and even occupation. They can become your potential clients or buyers. But the price for them is so high that sometimes it is easier to do the promotion of the page yourself, and so that it does not look empty, buy high-quality Instagram followers, which were mentioned above.

Thus, we can conclude: if you need extras, then you shouldn’t overpay – try bots or offers. And if you want to get a better result for a small surcharge, then paid subscriptions are exactly what you need.

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