Is Casino Gamification the new game changer of the gambling industry ?

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Today, we will talk about gamification of online casinos, which is becoming more and more popular in the gambling field.

Gambling platforms want to attract more and more people to their games by using new strategies that are both entertaining and immersive so they use gamification to achieve this.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the design of non-game applications that incorporate game design elements and game principles to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, flow, learning, crowdsourcing, employee recruitment and evaluation, usability, system utility, exercise, traffic violations, voter apathy, and many other aspects of our lives.

If you use the right combination it can result in a higher participation total than your non-gamification experience.

If gamification is used in an optimal way for your business you will achieve a lot of success in marketing, healthcare, and any other sector using this technique to improve user engagement.

What are the different techniques used for gamification?

There are several gamification techniques including


Badges are a good way to showcase your skills in what you do. Badges can be displayed on your website or application as well as on social networks. Badges are a good way to be used to show your progress in a subject during a training program for example.

They can be collected, which provides much more motivation for users.


Levels can be unlocked by completing tasks when you have met the required conditions.

For example, the technique of using gamification with levels can be used for English lessons, for example, the more you use the application the higher your levels go which causes motivation to go to the end for the user.


Rankings are a very good way to prove the perseverance and motivation of a user who will give their best to have the best possible ranking and thus increase the competition.


The use of points can be earned by completing tasks for users participating in an activity that will measure the success of all participants.

Casino Gamification, what is that?

Online casino gamification is becoming the new trend of the gambling industry, before the use of loyalty points, progress bars, quests, etc. all of these did not exist.

The popularity of gamification is such that it is not going to stop.

Many casinos are popping up using their design touches using all sorts of interactive games like experience point-earning progress bars, leaderboards, avatar creation, game shops.

All of these factors make the user feel rewarded and stay much longer, which is why online casinos are built entirely on the concept of gamification.

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Other factors make online casinos successful:


-Payment methods

-Selection of all games

We can conclude that all these elements make the users who connect to online casinos now also looking for entertainment at the same time as the search for winnings which will make them come back.

Do you know Smartico?

Smartico is a casino gamification and loyalty platform with real-time customer relationship management automation capabilities, designed for the video game industry.

It allows you to stimulate the engagement and loyalty of your players by using gamification tools such as badges, levels, and missions.

Allowing you to save manual work by offering a solution in the industry to automate sports marketing campaigns.

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