How to start a cleaning business and how to get clients

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How to start a cleaning business

Although rarely the first choice for many entrepreneurs, a cleaning business is a popular choice among individual entrepreneurs. In theory, all you need to get started is a bottle of detergent and a sponge. In reality, the cleaning business can be much more complex, since there are cleaning companies that are dedicated to cleaning commercial premises, offices, homes, hospitals, schools, vehicles and everything that can get dirty. The field of work is wide and there are plenty of clients.

In the UK, the cleaning industry is worth around £10 billion and employs around 820,000 people. With a predominance of small businesses, a cleaning business is a great job choice because of its extensive contract opportunities.

To start a cleaning business it is necessary to have the right attitude for it.

Cleaning is all about making any room look presentable and hygienic. This takes some courage as cleaning up someone else’s messes and messes may not be the right job for everyone. An important part of this business is instilling trust in customers. It does not matter if the client will be present at the cleaning time or if he will not be; you need to let him know that your company has impeccable ethics and a personable presence. Starting a Rengøring Erhverv is easy.

Another aspect that must be considered is the administrative matter. It is necessary to take into account the time that each order takes to be carried out, at the same time that control is maintained over the products used and the working methods of the employees.

It is very helpful to get in touch with cleaning product companies to establish contracts and relationships to obtain the products at a lower price; this will be very helpful because they will be your work tools. An alternative is to partner with a franchise.

Time For You, one of the UK’s largest cleaning companies,

 Offers franchise rights for around £12,000. This formula simplifies many aspects such as the guidelines and vision of the business, employee training and management of contracts, insurance and other necessary documents when having a business with employees.

You always have to consider the desired size and scope if you plan to start a business, and a cleaning business is no exception. It must be decided if the company will be dedicated to domestic or corporate work or if it will be open to free contract.

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