How to Get Everything Right in T-Shirt Designing

How to Get Everything Right in T-Shirt Designing

The T-shirt designing business is growing exponentially in recent times. Starting a t-shirt designing business may sound like a normal business but is actually a difficult thing to do. Maintaining and developing this business to further growth requires a lot of effort and care. People prefer to have such t-shirts because while sitting at their homes they can just Print T-Shirts online according to their preference and ask designers to deliver them to their doorstep. Some of the greatest designs are simple but even the most simple designs need a lot of attention for a perfect end product. The most important thing in this business is to avoid the most common mistakes to achieve great success. Given below are some of the common mistakes that ought to be avoided for a successful start in this business.

Poor Fabric

Everyone wishes to wear comfortable clothes made of good quality fabric that can last long and stand out in the crowd. While designing a t-shirt, if the material of the cloth is unsuitable and causes discomfort to the user then it might add a negative point to your T-shirt designing business. Therefore, the t-shirts must be designed with a good quality fabric so that the customers not only find them comfortable but also attractive and superior.

Printing Design and Fonts

A unique design and a creative fund is a great idea for attracting a large number of buyers. If you put too many graphic designs or an ugly font with lots of text then your tee might look very bad and unappealing to the crowd. To avoid this mistake, try to put trending quotes and relevant designs that fulfills the need of an ideal customer.

The Right Size

The right size matters a lot as it adds to the final look of the product. If you are about to decide what should be a perfect size, then make sure to do a good research on the number and types of sizes preferred by most buyers. This will help in increasing the size range which will automatically lead to more buyers who would be finding it very easy to get their perfect fit size.

Placement Choice

Placement of a specific logo or a design within a specified location on the t-shirt adds to the value of both the logo and the t-shirt. Even if one has the ability to create an eye-popping design on a t-shirt anyone has ever seen, if the placement is incorrect the whole t-shirt could be seen as a flop. The right placement thus marks important criteria in the t-shirt designing business. If the design or a logo is perfectly placed, it will eliminate all worries.

Composition and Structure

Composition and Structure means that the design or the fonts that are to be printed on a t-shirt must be printed in proper relation and sequence. If the structure is missing, like if the design is off-balanced, there’s too much distance between the words, or maybe the colors are not appropriate, then the whole t-shirt will be a  bunch of errors and no one would prefer to even look at it. Therefore, careful examination of everything being at the right composition and structure is very necessary to avoid these typical mistakes.

Color and Contrast

Colors add beauty to clothes and the right contrast makes them look even more beautiful. The choice of the right colors is as essential as choosing the perfect design. The color of the t-shirt should be selected keeping in mind how it blends with the design. Normally it is suggested that when the design is light in color, then the overall color of the t-shirt should be dark and when the color of the design is dark then the rest of the part should be light.

Low-Resolution Image

This is a very common mistake made by most designers. It often happens that while sourcing an image from somewhere, the resolution value of an image is ignored. This leads to blurred images getting printed on the t-shirts. To avoid this mistake, you have to make sure that the image you get is in high resolution. A picture of over 300 pixels is mostly preferred forT-Shirt Printing. Make use of efficient search websites and tools to get high-resolution images for printing purposes.

Border or edges

It is highly important to check that the t-shirt design must not have pixelated edges. While printing, if you tend to ignore the edges, then it will completely diminish the quality of your shirt design. To avoid this mistake, make sure you use effective tools for smoothening the edges.

Fashion and style

The crowd mostly wears clothes which are either very classic or going with the trend. Therefore, as a designer, you really have to keep an eye on what is currently everyone’s preferred choice. Printing a boring or an outdated design will never attract any customers. It is important to follow different informative tools that can help you in providing insights about fashion and style.

Well Working Machines

It is very obvious that the printing of t-shirts requires certain equipment and machines. However, what matters the most is the efficient working of these machines. If there is any problem in the machine that would lead to any damage to the cloth or the design then it should be quickly replaced to avoid loss in business and time.

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