Usually, I stay in hostels or cheap lodgings only when travelling. I don’t like hotels; I don’t really enjoy them. Without a soul, I locate such locations. It’s a lot of money you have spent on a place where you only spend some time sleeping. But I want a nice comfy space to relax sometimes. In this situation I’m using my skills to provide me discounts in booking hotel rooms. I use it when I’m travelling with friends for Airbnb, it’s different. That enables us to have a complete, comfortable and pleasant place to meet friends. However, I do not reserve myself in this instance without using my technology.

What Booking method should I use?

I have to travel frequently as part of my job. This is how I first became acquainted with Booking. I didn’t pay much attention to the costs or the functioning regulations of this platform at first because my work reimburses my costs. The site and apps are both really useful. They enable you to geolocate and then search for a hotel discounts that fits your requirements and budget. Once you’ve located the places, all you have to do now is read the comments to see if other tourists have given favourable feedback and ratings. In a nutshell, it’s simple and quick. I realised this when speaking with hotel receptionists and management.

I wasn’t able to trust it at first. On each sale the site charges a 15% to 25% fee. The fee is also computed on the entire reservation amount, VAT INCLUDED, the final straw. At some time, Booking sought to ban hoteliers from having cheaper pricing on their own site than on the platform. It is enough to mention that just a tiny portion of the lodging fee is paid to hotels. As explained extremely clearly in this post. In 2 very distinct scenarios, you can utilise this technique:

  • Or, as mentioned above, to reserve a hotel in advance.
  • Or a last-minute booking:
  • This is a little unusual and I have been using it in Paris fairly lately.

When we returned from the evening, I had no choice between doming on the street or finding a hotel room with my buddy with whom I was scheduled to sleep. Since I was chilly and wanted to see if this approach still worked, I chose the second choice fast before I finished this post.

The later you book, the more a good discount is available.

Send the owner a courteous note and present him with the assurances that urge him to grant you this discount. You might tell him you’re searching for a peaceful place to relax and don’t want to party. (You may party extremely well in town and use the flat to unwind). Tell him also that you do not have an issue of course with cleaning. You can also inform him that you do not want air conditioning If you are an extreme (it will save him electricity). The objective is to persuade him that you are an exceptional renter and that you deserve a decrease.

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