How to DIY the Best Backyard Movie Night Ever


Who says you have to put the kids in the car and buy expensive movie tickets? You can avoid the movie theater lines and set up your movie in the comfort of your own backyard for an evening the whole family will enjoy. Not only will this fun DIY idea inspire some creativity among kids and adults, but it could also be the start of a memorable family tradition. Plan your movie experience and make the most of summer with these DIY backyard movie night ideas.

Coming up with new kid-friendly summer activities can be difficult, especially after the first few weeks of summer and kids start complaining about being bored. Try something new with a backyard movie night which can be as simple or as complex as you like. Depending on how much time and money you want to spend, you could have a big 4th of July event where you invite friends and neighbors, adopt a movie night theme for your child’s birthday party, or just make it a day for everyone. in the family to help put it together, then enjoy the fruits of your labor after the sun goes down.

Ready to plan the perfect backyard movie? We share tips on how to set up a DIY screen and soft seating arrangements, as well as creative ideas for providing movie theater snacks and summer drinks for kids and adults on the same. Then, all you have to do is sit down and choose a movie to watch – which can admittedly be the hardest part.

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First things first: Get a projector so you can watch whatever movie your heart desires. While this may be an expensive purchase, consider it an investment for summer fun in the future. Our friends at the Good Housekeeping Institute voted this NEBULA projector as the best outdoor projector, thanks to its rechargeable battery, built-in speakers with sound that doesn’t comparable to an adjustable tripod mounting system. You can customize your entertainment experience by connecting all your favorite streaming services to the device and even mirror displays when you play from your smartphone.


While you can purchase an outdoor movie theater for your backyard, it is also easy to set up your own DIY version with items you already have lying around. For this arrangement, you will need a washcloth, two sheets, and a white sheet or sheet. Place a stick between the hangers and straighten the screen so that the film is viewed without distortion.

Once you have the basics (screen and projector), then you can enjoy turning your backyard into the outdoor movie theater of your dreams. If you have outdoor chairs or sofas, remove them and bring them out of season if you haven’t already. Or, splurge on a unique Adirondack chair that will look great in your movie screen as well as in your backyard on a summer afternoon.

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