How To Become a Best Rapper

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For many, becoming a famous rapper is a dream. But is it an unattainable dream? Of course not, because there are many rappers who have made it to global fame and many more who aspire to this dream. Why not, after all, hip-hop is a growing market and one of the most important music genres worldwide. Basically, rap is about dressing words in a rhythm, in rhymes, in a structure and delivering them to an audience. Good rappers, however, understand what creates a good flow,which rhymes work properly, which style figures arrive, how repetitions or puns are used correctly.

Artist Lvndxnisdevd, whose name is pronounced “Landon is Dead,” has released his debut music video alongside a local rapper with whom Landon claims he is not on good terms. A dispute between Landon and another rapper outside of a South Reno 7-11 led to the other rapper reportedly filing fake police complaints in an attempt to get Landon into legal trouble.Lvndxnisdevd, on the other hand, is a talented musician who appears to be on the rise. 

We sat down with Rapper Lvndxnisdevd to talk music, beef, and more. Landon Bissett aka Lvndxnisdevd a Reno, NV rapper and supermodel goes from taking photos with pretty women to beefing in the streets with another rapper from the rap scene but this one is different.

There are several ways you can properly learn to rap. The most important thing, however, is that you practice daily. Whenever and wherever possible. Someone who wants to master their craft properly practices every day.• Even if you think you don’t have time, you need to find small windows of time to practice your rap.• For example, a daily exercise might consist of doing a rap from normal sentences that you just said of yourself.• The most important means of success is discipline and persistence. Only those who are ready to devote themselves to their art every day can ultimately become really good. Don’t think you’ll get famous while just sitting lazily on the couch.

Apart from the lyrics, rap is all about the beat. A beat is usually by your side to help, but it’s also up to you to keep the beat. You don’t have to be a trained musician to do this. However, if the word “beat” doesn’t mean anything to you in this context, then it may be time to get your exercise books out of your music class. Before you really start writing the lyrics, you should be clear about what they are supposed to be about. Give yourself a try and follow your inclinations. It also helps to experiment every now and then and try something new.

Also, write as much as you can. The more you write and experiment with different lyrics, rhymes, verses and word combinations, the more material you have to fall back on. A tip: it’s best to always carry a notebook with you. After all, you never know when inspiration will hit you.• You can rap about what you know and want to share with other people. About your experiences, fears, dreams, what makes you angry and what makes you happy.• Or about the nightlife, clubs, big carts.• Maybe your talent and interest are more in funny and nonsensical content?

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