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How much money do you need to make an app? There’s not a predetermined rate for developing an app. Let’s think of something that you bought recently, it can be any product or even services. Whether it’s a mobile phone, air conditioner, or spa session. Price always depends on the type of goods or services. The same concept applies for an app. So the app costing is always going to depend on the type of app & functionalities you want. You can’t get an astounding mobile app for just a few bucks. But at the same time, spending lots of money doesn’t actually mean your app will be successful.

Sharing a similarity that you can relate to. Spending a lot on an advocate’s attire won’t make you a professional advocate if you don’t have a degree. You have to understand & do the research of what makes you successful. So simply in case you want to spend money just to develop the app. You won’t get an automatic success if you are not aware about the business practises.

Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • Cost Breakdown estimation of Mobile App Development
  • Factors that affect Cost to build an iPhone App
  • Conclusion

Cost Breakdown estimation of Mobile App Development

Let’s guess what would be the average cost to build a mobile app? You have to study different price ranges for mobile app development. Sharing a few factors that can affect a mobile app development cost:

  • Mobile App building partner
  • OS (operating system) required
  • Technology behind the mobile app
  • Complexity of mobile app
  • Features required in Mobile app
  • Mobile app maintaining cost
  • Estimated budget
  • Designing of mobile app

Above mentioned points will affect the mobile app pricing. We will further discuss the factors in detail.

Factors that affect Cost to build an iPhone App

Various circumstances determine the development cost of an iPhone app. We have made a checklist to follow while estimating the cost for developing an iPhone app. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to prepare a costing structure for your iPhone app:

1. iPhone App Size

The size of your iPhone App will affect your mobile app development cost. Because when the size of your iPhone app increases, the cost will also go up. As it will require more features which will subsequently add more to the costs.

2. Feature Complexity

The two things that majorly affect the development cost. First is the complexity of the app, and secondly the number of features required. Generally, a higher number of features tend to increase the iPhone app development cost. But, feature complexity also influences the overall cost. For instance, a simple Keynote app would demand small basic features such as Format Text, add a new note, etc. However, an e-com app like amazon would require a number of features. Also, you need to use complex technologies to add those features. So it will automatically result in higher cost.

3. UX/UI Price Breakdown

Various iPhone app design methods need a different time in completing the project. Also, charge at different rates. Here is an estimated breakdown:

  • Market Research: $50 – $350
  • UX Design – $2000 – $10,000
  • UI design – $1000 – $5000
  • Brand identity – $5000 – $20,000
  • Animation and Illustrations – $1000 – $30,000

4. Location of development

It is one of the main factors that affects the development cost. Different regions have different cost of living, different hourly development charges. Such as designing an iPhone app in the US as compared to India is Expensive.

5. Offline or Online App

Average market rate for an offline iPhone app is around $50,000. And for Online it’s $80,000. This is one of the most important factors in deciding the type of app. As the name itself explains, online apps are permitted by building a link with the internet. Also, they are able to give added features. Simply, this drives more costs. In case the iPhone app requires only business documents, data access, etc. Then you should go for an offline iPhone app. Because it can significantly cut down the cost of development.

6. Cross v/s Native Platform

There are two ways to develop an iPhone app, Cross or Native platform. Both approaches have their restrictions. But, cross-platform iPhone apps are usually less costlier. It also allows you to upload to the PlayStore.

However, they come with some challenges. Such as restricted user experience, slow performance, etc. On the other hand, native iPhone apps come with greater security options, scalability, and require less maintenance, etc.

7. iPhone applications with API Integrations

API integration is an important feature that enables an iPhone app to join the network with other companies. It sets a link among two services by joining their APIs. It also enables them to exchange information. Different types of APIs have different sorts of requirements.

8. iPhone App developing Positions

As there are various features in iPhone app development. Like different features have different market prices worldwide. In case you want to hire a developer for iPhone App development, then the cost will go up. And if you look to hire an offshore iPhone App Development Company then it will be a cheaper option.

9. Integration of payment

API integration is an important feature that enables an iPhone app to join the network with other companies. It sets a link among two services by joining their APIs. It also enables them to exchange information. Different types of APIs are there for different sorts of requirements.

  • Payment API

An estimated cost for API payment integration is somewhere between $2500 – $5000. For developing an e-Com app, you need to integrate the iPhone app with a payment gateway. It will give your audience the ease of making payments. They can pay through as per their preferred banking systems. Some of the payment integrations & API are, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, etc.

  • Integration of 3rd party API

Basically, integration of a Third-party API is the system that we integrate with the software to enable 3rd-party users to use it. Such as Facebook, Google, or any other APIs of social media. This permits you to manage the functions in the iPhone app. Sharing a few of the third-party API integration Facebook APIs, Google Maps, Skyscanner, etc.

10. iPhone app development Testing

It is considered as one of the crucial aspects of any sort of app development process. It is to ensure that the app’s security, performance, and other features are working fine. And also they are as per the iOs app store guidelines. Because you can publish an app in the apple app store if it fulfills their criteria.

11. Hidden charges

There are some expenses that are not mentioned on the face of it. You should be very careful in determining the cost of iPhone app development. also you should check the hidden cost as well. Sharing a few expenses that you should be aware of while making a budget for your iPhone app development: Developer Cost, Updates, Maintenance, Data Storage, etc.


Wrapping up this blog on the cost to build an iPhone App. We recommend checking all the cost breakdowns while making the budget for your iPhone app. Most people are not even aware of some of the hidden costs. In case you want to tap the high net worth audience then, iPhone app development is the best for you.

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