How is High School an Important Phase in Your Child’s Life?

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We always hear that high school is the most crucial phase of a child’s life. But, do you know why? 

Considering initial and last years of education as crucial is understandable. What about the 8th to 10th class? Why are they counted as the most crucial classes? 

Well, let’s get into the theory of how high school is crucial in your child’s development. 

  • Explore personal interests: If we think clearly, a child starts to recognize their career interests during high school. Since many schools in Wakad, Pune give subject choices before or during high school. The selection between the course or subject is their first step toward deciding their career interest. Plus, they get more mature to take their career seriously and think about it with proper understanding. 
  • Better understanding of higher studies: It is during high school that parents start to realize that their child is about to start with their college life. If not going out, then starting to discuss and research about the higher studies. High school gives your child a better perspective on choosing the right subjects and analysing their interests. So, basically, high school triggers a better understanding of colleges and career lines. 
  • Become independent rational: Everyone must have noticed that a child starts to grab or absorb important life skills during their high school. This is the time when children are expected to take their own decisions and perform well in extracurricular activities. High school is not solely focused on academics but more on learning important life skills, soft skills, critical thinking, teamwork, analytic skills and more. They go through a mix of both the chapters and get more exposure to the life skills. 
  • More exposure to life challenges: Children in high school are more exposed to challenges and handling real problems. This is because earlier all the challenges are faced by the parents that the children know nothing about. Entering high school means becoming more responsible, authoritative and self-sufficient. This is how high school transforms your child into a responsible and understanding person. They get to realize what reality throws time and again and how to combat the inevitable challenges. 
  • Build social relationships: Above everything, high school is known for building relationships. The children are not much aware of the importance of building cordial relationships with their teachers or even parents. Entering high school means recognizing and appreciating the role of teachers and parents. Not that they are taught about it, but, getting more handle on their lives makes them realize how hard life is. Furthermore, they understand the importance of wise friends in their lives. Pruning friends is very important that many people are unaware of, realizing who is a true friend and who acts as an anchor is vital. This clears the circle of the child and is a step forward to becoming a better person. 

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