How Do I Remove Weevils From My Plants?


Weevils are a species of beetle. The adult weevils eat the plant leaves in the months of spring & summer. However, have no fear if you are dealing with the weevils just because we have the appropriate solution to get rid of these weevils in your dreamt garden!

These weevils are the actual type of beetle that can attack over a hundred various species of plants. These small insects ( bugs)  also can cause various issues in your garden, regardless of the outdoors /indoors.

Prevention is the actual course of action to ignore issues caused by these Insects. Some secure methods to stop & erase the weevils from the outdoor garden include adding organic items to the soil, utilizing insecticides, manual removal, & encouraging natural predators. To know the best Palm Weevil Treatment you have to read this properly.

What are the weevils?

There are thousands of species of these weevils that are the specific type of small non-flying beetle with the snout-like mouth.

Kind of particularly sounds like this flying pig by that specific description, but the rest also assured they are not.

A few types of weevils you could discover in your garden/home include:

●         Rice weevil- Discovered on oats, corn, wheat, rye, or other grains.

●         Boll weevil – found on the cotton plants

●         Black vine- Discovered on the plants, trees, herbs, or trees

●         White pine ( weevil)- eats the spruce, lodgepole pines, black spruce & pine.

As you can notice, various species target the actual kinds of plants. Also taken from multiple plants of a crop. As adults, these weevils generally chew on the plant’s leaves and stems, leaving behind damage and holes.

Several threats appear from the weevil larvae that live in the ground & feed on the root of the plant—larvae beginning with the white eggs, which turn black before they hatch. Also, the plant can collapse & die from this.

Dealing with this problem of weevil

Generally, weevils are one-third of an inch long, light gray, and also have the “V” marking on their own wings. Though they have wings, the weevils don’t fly. Also, these weevils are very much capable of leaving for up to two years.

Weevil larvae are also the same rough length as the adult weevils, without legs and green in color. And eggs are white while they are laid & turn black just before hatching.

Weevils normally feed on the foliage & roots of maximum garden plants, especially Vegeta. If they have the method to enter, they can quickly become an issue for indoor growers. This larva and the adults both rat on maximum types of vegetable & ornamental crops. This “Vine weevil” is the specific type of weevil, especially the issue for plants grown in containers.

Weevils generally become active in evening times. If you are willing to prevent them, we recommend that you go into the garden at night with a flashlight because they will be challenging to control in the daytime.

Getting rid of weevils

As mentioned, we generally recommend heading into the garden of your bat night & utilizing the flashlight for locating the weevils. Wearing gloves and you should remove the adult insects manually. And the eggs & larvae have to be placed into the container of soapy water 6o damage this.

If the entire plant or the row of that crop are completely infested, we will recommend you remove that altogether and prevent the spreading of the insects and stop the destruction of the whole plant.

Rotation of the crop

Rotation of the crop can also help to prevent weevil infestations. But it would help if you never planned the same harvest in the same spot for consecutive years, constantly rotating vegetables & fruits with the nitrogen-fixing crops in-between years to permit the soil to recover.

While Planting, the plant kept it to the weevils- Like:

● Beans

● Carrot

● Cabbages

● Onion

● Spinach

● Beets

● Potatoes

● Radishes and tomatoes

This can be very much helpful to mix in the plants which repel these weevils, such as the bay leaf or the specific allusions. Keep in mind that alliums also cannot be planted alongside beans/ peas.

Make the specific  barriers

Barriers manage techniques like row covers also can be the other way to stop the damage from these weevils & other flying insects. The single row cover’s construction can also be gained through the actual combination of the study, waterproof fabric draped across aluminum or PVC piping.

Traps (sticky)

This can be bought online or from leading local garden supply centers, another method for stopping this insect from moving from one plant to another throughout your garden.

Earth diatomaceous

The organic method of this pest control, which is very effective against weevils, is diatomaceous earth; this is a fossilized remain of the ancient kind of algae. These razor-sharp shards are also deadly to maximum soft-bodied insects but very much harmless to mammals. Utilize caution, not the inhale.

How to prevent this insect in your garden?

With appropriate preparation and work, you can quickly stop this weevil infection before it even happens!

Keep the garden clean.

The most natural thing you can do to keep the weevils out of the garden is too neat things.

Secondly, the adult Weevils search for hiding places, like under compost,

Mulch and weeds or other debris lying around the garden.

Also, make sure to get rid of compost piles or mulch. Also, it would help if you ignored the excessive watering of the plants as the Weevils are very much attracted to water.

Their love for liquid can be a blessing & a curse. This is negative because you cannot keep containers with water just sitting around your plants.

If you collect the rainwater, you will be required to ensure this is done in the area separate from your garden. But this is very much positive that you can also utilize the water to lure those insects from your lovely plants.

You are practicing an appropriate crop rotation & cultivation of your soil to eliminate these insect larvae and acids to prevent reinfestation. Prune, the low lying leaves & the stems which picture touching the ground. You have to provide the best Palm Weevil Treatment to save your plant.

Add the barriers to your garden.

The best method to keep these insects off your plants is to put up some specific barriers. Maximum growers also prefer to utilize these rock covers, which can also be a very easy DIY project. All you require is the sturdy, waterproof solid fabric & piping like aluminum or PVC.


Also, you can wrap the plant stems with sticky tape. A clear scotch tape is an option. But some gardeners also prefer to utilize some unique techniques that protect the plants from insects, rodents & sun damage.


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