How Can You Utilize Custom Mushroom Boxes Effectively?

 Custom mushroom boxes

We must have in mind that the mushroom is neither meat nor a vegetable. Therefore, its storage or packaging is not the way people mostly perceive it. Knowing its nature is important because it is the nature of a product that truly guides us in the packaging it needs. Custom mushroom boxes are used to store mushrooms but many other factors also affect the shelf life of mushrooms. 

We will discuss different types of mushrooms and their nature. Plus, we will also discuss the factors that affect the shelf life of mushrooms the most. That’s how we can decide the right kind of storage option for mushrooms.

The Nature of Mushroom & its Packaging

Fresh whole mushrooms can survive 8 to 10 days in the fridge. Fresh sliced mushrooms can be kept for 5 to 7 days. On the other hand,  already cooked mushroom can sustain fresh  for 12 days in the fridge. Not only this, you can increase the shelf life of the mushroom up to 8 months by using some strategies that we will explain later. What does it show? It clearly shows that the shelf life of mushrooms has a direct relation to their health or nature. As stated above, the mushroom is neither meat nor a vegetable, therefore its packaging is totally different from other edible goods.

Different Types of Mushrooms

Knowing the type of mushrooms is important because it also helps you know their shelf life earlier before you store them. The main three types of commonly used mushrooms include cremini, white button mushrooms, and portobello. These all mushrooms are the same but with different looks. Therefore, we will not have a deep dive into its mycology. Their appearance simply varies depending on their age.

The freshest and youngest mushrooms of these all kinds are White button mushrooms. However, portobellos and cremini are stored for a long period of time that’s why they don’t look fresh as compared to the former. umbrella-shaped brown caps Shiitake mushrooms are identified due to their different look. They also differ in taste according to their freshness.

The Processing and Packaging of Mushrooms

The processing of packaging is the first step that can lead us toward good mushroom packaging. The sequence of its different stages would be picking, drying and packaging. You need to keep care of its hygiene and safety requirements.

How to Maintain the Freshness of Mushroom in Mushroom Packaging Boxes!

The period of freshness for mushrooms depends on the type of packaging and storage method you use for your mushrooms. Here are some of the stages your mushroom goes through in our daily life. We will see how mushroom gets affected or stay fresh in their different stages.

Keeping Mushroom Open in Room Temperature

Many people keep their mushrooms at room temperature that’s the worst way of storage. Some mushrooms can stay fresh at room temperature but not for more than a day. Then, it starts getting pale and slimy. So, keeping your mushrooms at room temperature is not recommended anyway.

Keeping Mushrooms at Lower Temperature

These are the bacteria that attack the most when you keep your mushroom at room temperature. Therefore, keeping it at a lower temperature in the refrigerator is the better way to avoid planes and slimness. Moreover, never wash your mushrooms to keep in the refrigerator. If you are looking for long-term storage option then using custom mushroom packaging might be the best option.

Usage of Custom Mushroom Boxes as Mushroom Storage Container

If you want to keep your mushrooms fresh for a long period of time, then use high quality mushroom boxes that let their moisture vapourize up. Yes, this is the moisture that spoils your mushroom and decreases its shelf life. A brown paper bag could be a good choice to store the mushrooms but the main thing is to keep them dry and cool. We have talked about fresh mushrooms till now. On the other hand, dried mushrooms could be stored for even more than a year. Already dried mushrooms can sustain for a year if you properly store them in high-quality mushroom packaging boxes.

Concluding Lines

Use high-quality mushroom packaging for prolonged shelf life. Never freeze fresh mushrooms after washing, but keep them dry before you put them in the refrigerator. Dried and fresh mushrooms are different in their nature and require different kinds of packaging. Temperature is an important factor that affects the shelf life of mushrooms. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them at a cool temperature.

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