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Halloween isn’t an ordinary event. It carries a lot of customs and traditions with it. Things have changed today, but only in a good way. The charm and thrill of this event increase every year and more and more, people want to be a part of it, whether it is in their culture or not. People from all over the world spruce up in unique and beguiling costumes and create weird looks with the help of freaky costumes and makeover. If this Halloween, you want to be a part of the creepy thrill, start with wearing Halloween blind white contact lenses and a bizarre costume. Get into a whole different character so people can’t recognise you anymore. Once you are all ready, jump in to the crowd and scare everyone. Pull the best prank of all times that you by telling people that you are blind.

The best part of Halloween

What do you think is the best and most exciting part of Halloween? Is it the history connected to it or thrilling series of events and parties? Or, is there something different that bids to you the most like the food or ensembles? Well, if it’s the costumes and makeovers, you are lucky because Halloween blind white contact lenses can help you step up your game by making you look distinctive and alluring.

Full Transformation

Halloween is one of the year’s most famous occasions. It permits you to enjoy startling and creepy celebrations, regardless of whether you’re going stunt or-treating or you’re going to one of many themed parties. Picking your outfit is one of the most significant things, as you’ll need your phantom, zombie, fiend, or vampire to cause an alarm.

Well, have you ever pondered or wanted for something so supernatural that can assist you with changing into an entirely new character, that too in the most compelling way? If yes, then Halloween blind white contact lenses are something that can help you in transformation. You should try it out! It is something different and thoroughly of the world. You will shine out everyone on Halloween eve because literally, no one has a clue what you have for them in store!

Blind or Dead?

Halloween blind white contact lenses are the hot selling products whenever Halloween is near. They have this ability to make your eye go whiteout as those of blind people. They are perfect for tricking people because you can see people clearly while others can’t understand your eye moment and assume you to be blind.

Halloween blind white contact lenses can help you trick people, and make them assume you are dead. Lay down with your eyes wide open and don’t move for a while. If someone comes close to you at that time, they will assume you passed out. Keep up with the act until you burst into laughter!

Looks to create with Halloween blind white contact lenses

You can create various looks with the help of Halloween blind white contact lenses. If playing a blind man or dead man isn’t your thing, we get it. You can transform into a vampire, zombie, doll, skeleton, or any other white-eyed character and impress everyone with your creativity, fantastic costume, and enchanting white eyes.

Here are some of the easiest, yet best looks you can create with Halloween blind white contact lenses.

Dead Disney Characters

If you are out of options or want to create a look that can make you stand out, then a dead Disney character it is! You can choose any cartoon character of your choice and recreate his look by wearing Halloween blind white contact lenses, a similar costume, and makeup. You will have a lot of fun and look impressive all night long.


This is a truly simple yet the best Halloween look you can create if you have a tight spending plan. All you need is dark tights, a dark long sleeve top, and white paint. Give the exemplary skeleton outfit an insidious curve with Halloween blind white contact lenses and remember the face paint!



No Halloween is complete without a Vampire meandering around searching for its next target. Get a couple of vampire’s teeth, and wear white face paint to make yourself truly pale and dead looking. Complete the look by spilling some phoney blood down the side of your mouth and wear Halloween blind white contact lenses.

Tips for wearing Halloween blind white contact lenses.

Halloween is coming up, and we realise you’ll be sprucing up in unnerving style for the huge night. Many of you will be wearing Halloween blind white contact lenses with makeup and enjoying barbeque and pool parties. Do everything that you want to and have the best time of life because Halloween comes once a year only but do not forget to take care of yourself; especially your eyes.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while wearing Halloween blind white contact lenses.

Eye make-up Tips

Regardless of what you’re up dressing up like, you will need to apply some face paint or make-up to create your perfect look. If you choose eye make-up, wear them before you start with your makeover. You will apply sparkle, eyeshadow, eyeliner,  mascara, fake lashes, and different near the eye, so apply them cautiously and do not put them inside your eye or on contact lenses. Do not use any item that you are allergic to or can cause eye problems.

Make sure to remove Halloween blind white contact lenses.

If you’re going to a Halloween-themed party or hosting one at home, you’ll most likely be getting into bed very late, and you may be drained. In case you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s recommended to take them off carefully before resting. Leaving them in can make your eyes dry, and they will be scratchy the following day. So, don’t risk your eyes, and take them out on time and place them back in the lens solution.

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