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Internet is full of functional apps and games to download such types mostly we prefer Google Play Store. But along with Google Play Store, the market also posses alternatives that are being used by users instead of Google Play Store. But due to restricting policies, downloading methods and limitations millions of users dislike Play Store and choose its alternatives. Are you looking for Google Play Store best alternatives 2020? If yes then you are in luck and landed on the perfect webpage. On this page, I will share some functional alternatives to the Google Play Store. But we share the alternatives you have must note the issues alternatives demand goes on the peek.

  • User account: With google account getting access to Play Store apps and games is impossible. And universally billions of peoples have no information about Google account and they stand like a statue. On the opposite 3rd party Android markets and stores possess some functionalities and offer direct downloading source. Without making any user account we can access any content available on the market server.
  • Limitations: Universally every one cant access the content of Google Play Store. In different regions and countries, different kind of limitations is imposed. Apps and games cant install due to its limitations and believe I have faced this problem too. But 3rd party application stores have no limit regard app and game. They are free for open and universal use.
  • Apps and games Availability: Google Play Store all those apps and games available on the internet but still it is considered the largest hub of apps and games. Millions of functional apps and games do not stand on Google Play Store. Apps and games which users want to download are not available on the market like Game Killer, Apental Calc, Game Hacker, Rooting apps and much more. But other alternatives carried all those apps which I mentioned here. I have not mentioned not too many apps due to some limitations but during surfing the stores you will found a new kick.
  • Paid Apps and Games: Do you know, Google Play Store sell games and apps as well. But it does not offer any trial version, blindly we have to purchase it if you need the app or game. But 3rd party stores possess premium apps and games but they don’t sell. Any user from the rest of the world can get any kind of game without paying any single penny.
  • Crack format file: Mostly game is locked with its features. And after playing some times they will become limit and redirect in-app-purchase to buying the resource. But the stores carry a cracked version of apps and games. The cracked version is free from limitations and you can enjoy the unlimited gaming experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: No doubt Google Play Store interface is very amazing and fast. Same as other app stores have a user-friendly interface and a responsive layout. One-click downloading options, one-click searching files, apps and games in the respected category and much more.
  • Compatibility: Google Play Store support all those smartphone and tabs which having latest Android operating system. On low ended smartphones its become helpless cant deliver good result. But 3rd party stores easily support most modern operating systems and low-ended as well. They work best with both operating systems.
  • Update of apps and games: Google Play Store has an inbuilt application manager who updates old apps and games into the latest version. If you are using any 3rd party store then you can also update your apps and games because the stores also posses file manager functions. Have its sound good but its trust.
  • Latest Version: Same like Google Play Store version 3rd party developers update versions from time to time to provide a user-friendly environment. They removed unwanted things, fixed bugs, work on user suggestions and make one of the perfect platforms from where users feel happy and visit again and again.
  • Navigation: Most of the users cant navigate apps and games and searching tutorials on youtube. But the use of 3rd party application stores is very easy. Without watching any videos peoples run these amazing stores even kids can use it. It is very easy to run like playing a test match in the ground.

Google Store best Alternatives 2020:

  1. you want to explore the best alternatives for 2020? The best are enlisted below. Review and get the most suitable market store for your Android Os.
  • Google Play Store PRO
  • MobPark
  • ACMarket
  • HappyMOd
  • BlackMart Alpha
  • GetAPK Market
  • Panda Helper
  • TUTUApp
  • KKGamer
  • AppVN Android
  • Appvalley
  • Abolta Hack Store
  • Panda App
  • FreeStore
  • Droid Buddy
  • AppCake
  • AIO Downloader
  • Appchina
  • HIAppHere Market

Remember That:

All those applications stores which we have mentioned here are not available on Google Play Store for free download and install. Google cant allow such types of apps in the server which don’t follow its policies. So, you have to surf the internet or 3rd party sites to get these elegant market applications. And after downloading follow the steps to install the app.

  • First of all download the app store which you want.
  • After that, you have to enable unknown permission to install the 3rd party apps.
  • Open setting and locate the security area.
  • On security area setting you will see a setting “unknown source”
  • Tap on the button and enable it.
  • Now you can put your favorite app on your smartphone and tabs.
  • Bear in mind doesn’t uninstall any Google services to put any 3rd party app or store. Because of 3rd party support all those devices having google play store or not. If you do that, then you can face issues while running apps and games.

Final Verdict:

We have shared all the basic fundamental regard why choose Play Store alternatives. Now its depend on you, last but least get one of perfect Google Play Store alternative and bring some new advancement in your life and Android phone as well.

Android phones are the basic need of human beings. So work smartly and get the most functional best Google Play Store alternatives. If you found this article functional and helpful then share it on social media networks.

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