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If you own a Mercedes and the service is off schedule, one of the most important considerations is price. There are many options available to reserve a vehicle. You can take the car to a major dealer or an independent garage who will serve the Mercedes for you. Dealers and independents must use original parts, meaning you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can get temporary Mercedes service or full scottsdale mercedes service. Interim maintenance is ideal in between annual maintenance if you have driven a car. Temporary service helps keep your Mercedes car safe and reliable. Full service is performed every 12 months and more, including various arrangements and inspections. Mercedes maintenance must be performed according to Mercedes instructions.

Temporary maintenance does not include lubrication of door hinges, checking car hooks and locks, cooling system, engine cooling fan, and gas operation. The fuel and air filters have not been replaced, as well as the spark plugs. The condition of the HT cable was also not checked. The engine, transmission mount and distributor cover are not checked for wear, as well as the wheel bearings. Coolant ducts, hoses, and radiators are not checked as they will be given full service. In full service, the wheels were removed and the front and rear brakes were checked, while in intermediate service this review was not carried out.

Car service costs are now very competitive and you can search for Mercedes service centers where you can find the best value. Mercedes dealers don’t force your maintenance, so it can be useful to get a cheap Mercedes service offer. You can save up to 60% at major retailers just by shopping. For example, some centers offer free temporary services when you have an annual service contract with them. Online is another great way to shop, as some Mercedes service centers have special offers online.

When you shop, make sure the mercedes service near me center you choose has a 12 -month parts and labor warranty, so you’re guaranteed if there are any problems after the service. And it is very important to make sure that they use genuine Mercedes parts, otherwise the warranty will be void. Some service centers offer additional perks and benefits, such as free pick-up and car delivery at your home or office, free valet parking, or discounts for other car services.

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