Generac Air Cooled Generator Is A Favorite With The American Families


Generac is a favorite with American families for many reasons. The models on offer fulfill the modern needs of users at a reasonable cost. Many brands in the market compete with Generac to win a better market share. As a market leader, Generac has to produce all types of generators to keep competition at bay. The company offers gas, diesel, and propane generators at the best prices in the market.

The dealer network is also the largest in the country which gives the users peace of mind knowing they will get the quality service and repairs they need in time. The Guardian Series, Power Pact, EcoGen, Protector Series are most popular with homeowners. The QT Series generators offer more wattage and are larger. These are meant for larger homes and carry a bigger price tag.

While purchasing a generator for your house or for camping out do not make hasty decisions. The generator serves an important function in your life which is ensuring all your precious equipment at home has reliable power in the event of a grid power failure. The cell phones, laptops, and some of the appliances we use at home have microcircuits that make them sensitive to electrical surges. The generator you need for your house has to have a good sine wave. There has to be an automatic voltage regulator in the generator that protects your precious equipment, so it does not get damaged.

It is not wise to buy the cheapest generator you can find online. You do need to check the various functionalities the device offers. The model you buy has to perform well under all weather conditions and has to also last you long.  Your actual wattage needs have to be calculated and then matched with the output of the model. The noise level also requires some consideration. If you are living in a neighborhood where the houses are built close to each other a noisy model can be a cause of concern for neighbors. So look for a model that has a good sound attenuation system. There are many models offered by Generac that run as quietly as an air-conditioner.  These neighborhood-friendly models come with a lot of intuitive controls. It is easy to use them and also maintain them. There are hundreds of models of varying capacity that you can choose from.

Yamaha is a favorite inverter portable brand and Generac has a model that offers similar functionalities at a comparative price. More American families like to use the local brands as it is easy to find the parts and get the model serviced and repaired. The Generac iX2000 is a portable inverter model that comes with FlexPower technology. You can choose to run the unit at a low or higher capacity based on your power need. This helps with fuel savings. You can carry the model to the construction site or the camping site when need be. 

For the whole house the Generac 20KW 7039 is an ideal choice. This Generac air cooled generatorbegins to power your home appliances when grid power fails. The 200 Amp automatic transfer switch is connected to the main power panel of the house. It senses the grid power outage and commands the generator to start supplying electricity to the house.

If Generac 7039 is a bit pricey for you, take a look at the Generac GP17500E. This model costs a lot less and produces fewer kilowatts. It is very durable with its hardy frame. It comes with the Generac OHVI engine with splash lubrication. It can power more than one 5-ton air conditioner and can provide power for up to 16 circuits. The large-capacity steel fuel tank has a fuel gauge and you can run it for long hours. When the oil level is low the engine shuts down automatically to protect itself. It is one of the most powerful portable models on the market and offers very good value for your money.

Generac 7128 GP3500iO 3000W portable inverter generator produces less power and is ideal for constriction sites and camping. It can run all the RV essentials and can also be used at home. This portable model costs only $789.00. This light weight portable inverter generator runs very quietly and does not damage your sensitive electronics. It can be paralleled with another GP3500 to double the power.

If you have not yet bought a Generac air cooled generator now is the time to buy one. Grid power fails due to many reasons. Storms, hurricanes wildfires, and an overload on power lines can cause utility power failures. If you have a backup the unit you will continue to enjoy the day as usual. Without power your food can rot in the refrigerator and you will not be able to keep the security system running or power your cell phones or use the laptop. Before you buy a unit, make sure you know your usage. Choose the fuel type that best suits you and look for an AVR and a sound attenuation system.

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