Gastric Bands – The Best Remedy To Stubborn Obesity


According to the recent studies, out of 10 approximately 6 people are overweight and are suffering from some health issues due to the extra calories in their body. This is because we don’t have an active lifestyle. We take junk food, have aerated drinks and eat a lot of sugary confectionary which increases our BMI to high levels.  We make our body prone to a lot of ailments like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and blood pressure. So, if you fall in the same category and want to get rid of these extra calories, just read this article carefully and understand each word to save yourself from some serious medical complications. 

Gastric Bands: One of the best ways to let your body get rid of the extra fats is the fact that is associated with the gastric banding surgery. In simple words we call it weight loss surgery and during this process a band manufactured using silicon is placed near the upper portion of the stomach so as to reduce its actual size and prevent excessive intake of food. 

While a patient is admitted for this surgery, he/she needs to be under observation for a day and this process undergoes with general anaesthesia. The person will get discharged the same day after a few hours post-surgery.

The best thing about this surgery is that it is minimally invasive, and the incisions are made through keyholes. You will find just a few cuts in the abdomen like two to five only and the process is laparoscopic which directly indicates that your surgeon will place a sleek narrow tube with a small camera inside to assist the surgery. 

 Post-Surgery Diet

As soon as the surgery is over, you have to be on a restricted diet for a few days or may be a week as that the band can get enough time to adjust itself properly. Eating a heavy meal can be an issue at that moment, but the liquid diet will help you to achieve best results later. You can take thin soups, fresh juices and lemon water. 

Now, when you finish four weeks with the same diet, you need to try blended foods like the wheat porridge, vegetable purees, custard, skimmed milk, yogurt and fruit smoothies. 

After completing six weeks you can follow soft diet schedule.  This diet includes sift steamed rice, boiled vegetables, fruits and similar.

As soon as the six-week schedule is completed, you can resume the complete normal diet. You will feel better by then. 

Know when you need this surgery

If you say that every person who is high on BMI needs gastric band, then you are not so true. It is not necessary for every obese person to have this surgery because unnecessarily procedures cannot prove useful every time. A person who is facing high risk of obesity related health issues needs to thin about this surgery. You can take the example of highly diabetic patients, hypertension, insomnia, heart diseases and similar issues. These high-risk issues are life threatening and if not treated on time can give disastrous results.

 So, if a person has a bad health and is on the verge of life-threatening issues, this surgery for Lap Band in Los Angeles Ca can prove to be very useful in restricting the entry of extra calories to your body.

Now, there are some people who should think twice before they choose to opt for this surgery. These patients include the ones who:

Are suffering from addiction like alcohol or any sort of drugs

Are aggressive with compulsive behavioural disorder

Are under uncontrollable Psychiatric Ailment

Are people with confused personality, bad lifestyle and mental disability

Thus, you have to first check you own heath and then decide what to choose.

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